Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bird Morphs into a UFO

Photo of a Hawk from Google
On February 11, 2020 Valerie Hoover called to tell me that she had just had a bizarre sighting over her property in Sugar Creek, Missouri. 

At approximately 3:00 - 3:15 pm Valerie was outside on her back porch.  She looked up in the sky over the field and thought she saw an eagle, but the head wasn’t white, so she thought it was a hawk. It was circling around just like a hawk. Valerie was afraid it was going to get her small Yorkie,  then it put its wings next to its body as if it were going to soar down, but instead, it formed into a dark round disk-shaped UFO and took off at the speed of light to the Southeast and was out of sight in a second. Valerie realized that whatever she was looking at was definitely not a bird. 

This location is the site of multiple UFO, orb, alien, and unidentified creature sightings not only witnessed by Valerie but by multiple investigators, including myself and KC MUFON Section Director Jean Walker. The house is close to the Missouri River. 

This is the second winged creature sighting at this location (see my other reports). 

Several such winged creature sightings were associated with UFOs or orbs of light at the same time. This is the first event reported in which the flying creature morphed into a UFO. Perhaps these unusual winged creatures are actually not of Earth but are extraterrestrials. Until we get more photos and video this phenomenon will remain unsolved. 


Margie Kay is the DIrector of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and she is keeping track of winged creatures sightings in the State of Missouri. Please contact her at 

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