Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mysterious Four States Conference June 29, 2019

Mysterious Four States is a series of events exploring the noir side of history and legends in the Four State area (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas)

Come tour the beautiful Coleman Theater, hear about the mysterious side of the Four State area from the Spook Light to hauntings to infamous mysteries of the Four States.

Admission is $10 per person.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the theatre at 103 N. Main St. in downtown Miami, call 918-540-2425 or go online to

Here is the schedule for the Mysterious Four States at The Coleman Theater. You are welcome to attend any or all sections and participate in discussions, plus the movie with your paid ticket.

12:30pm Welcome

1pm Bonnie and Clyde in the Four States

2pm Legends of lost treasure in the four states from Spanish gold trains to the lost Confederate Gold of the Civil War

3pm UFO Mysteries in the Four States

4pm Supernatural Four States with video presentation

5pm Q and A and dinner break

6pm The Spook Light legends and experiences,

730pm behind the scenes tour of The Coleman

Discussion Panel: Lisa Livingston-Martin, author and researcher, Margie Kay author and researcher, Larry Wood, author and historian, Joshua Heston, folklorist, author and editor of the State of the Ozarks Magazine and more.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Five More Giant Bird or Mothman Sightings in Kansas CIty Amid UFO Reports

Five more giant bird sightings in the greater Kansas City area this week: 

Two independent witnesses in Sugar Creek and Independence, Missouri reported seeing a Mothman or giant bird on the same day, and three more witnesses came forward this week. 

Sugar Creek, MO

4:00 pm

Valerie Hoover was outside in her back yard when she heard a small plane flying overhead.  She looked up and saw a small plane flying from the Southeast to the northwest, but she wasn't prepared to see a bird nearly the same size as the plane.  An extremely large black bird was flying above the plane in a circular pattern. She watched it for five minutes as it flew downward, then up again, then it flew off to the Northeast and out of sight. 

She was shocked to see that the bird’s wings were as wide as the plane's. Valerie speculates that it could have been a moth man due to the size. The creature was too far away for her to  see any features, but it did not look like a turkey buzzard, eagle, hawk or any other large bird that she has seen before. “It certainly was much larger than any bird I’ve ever seen, and perhaps it wasn't a bird at all - it may have been a mothman,” said Valerie.

1976 Cessna 172N Skyhawk
Photo: FlugKerl2 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Although Valerie could not identify the type of plane she saw she did recognize that it was a small engine plane. The most popular small engine four -passenger craft is the Cessna 172N Skyhawk with a 36' wingspan and 27' body length. If the bird was the same size, that is one very large creature. 

Second sighting: 

Independence, Missouri
6:30 pm

Later that evening at approximately 6:30 pm, another witness saw a giant bird. Terre T. lives in east Independence, Missouri. She heard the birds outside her home suddenly get very agitated and start squawking and screeching, so she ran outside to see what was going on. Her first thought was that there may have been a hawk chasing a small animal, but what she saw stopped her dead in her tracks. 

She heard a loud screeching coming from a very large black bird, which had just flown over her house. Terre did not recognize the bird as anything she's seen before. It was all black with fluffy feathers, not smooth and shiny like a crow's feathers. She estimates the size of the wingspan to be at least five to six feet, but can't be certain. The crows and other birds in the trees continued to squawk for several minutes after the giant bird was out of sight, so something agitated them. The creature was heading north and flew out of sight. Note: the Missouri River is north of this location) Terre also speculates that the creature is a Mothman or an unknown type of bird. 

California Condor flying over the Grand Canyon
Photo: By Silent Paws - Self-photographed, Public Domain,

According to Wikipedia, the California Condor is the largest bird in the United States. It has a wingspan of 9.5 feet. However, Condors do not live in the Midwest region, so that eliminates the Condor unless there is a rogue bird here. Even so, the wingspan is still not large enough to explain Valerie's sighting or some of the past sighting reports (see my earlier posts).  

Third Sighting: 

June 16, 2019
Overland Park, Kansas

On Sunday, June 16, 2019, four days prior to the two sightings on June 20, a man and woman were driving to their home in Overland Park when they noticed a very large bird flying overhead. "The bird was completely black and was enormous," said one witness. Neither witness could identify the bird. At first, they thought it must be a Condor, but it was much larger. It flew north and out of sight.

Fourth Sighting:

June 18, 2019

Independence, Missouri

A 58-year-old man and his 37-year-old son were exiting their car to go into their house on June 18 at 5:30 pm when they noticed a very large bird floating on the wind currents high above their house. "The bird was absolutely huge, and much larger than any bird I've ever seen." said one witness.  The older witness said that the bird was a very dark color and never flapped its wings. It then glided off to the north and out of sight. Both men stood in astonishment and couldn't believe what they had just seen. 

Fifth Sighting Report

Summer of 2009
Independence, Missouri

A witness living in northeast Independence, Missouri recently reported an event that occurred in 2009. He was working on his garden when he suddenly had the feeling he needed to look up. He saw a huge bird floating on the air currents above him and gliding around in a figure eight pattern. The witness said that the bird was much larger than a condor with a huge wingspan. The bird never flapped its wings. It appeared very dark in color. 

Some witnesses speculate that this creature may be the Mothman, a creature seen at Point Pleasant, West Virginia for several months prior to a disastrous bridge disaster in 1967. In his 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies, author John Keel claimed that the Point Pleasant residents experienced precognitions including premonitions of the collapse of the Silver Bridge, unidentified flying object sightings, visits from inhuman or threatening men in black, and other phenomena.

Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
 Jason W. -, CC BY 2.0,

There have been similar events in greater Kansas City. On June 20, 2019, two unidentified objects hovered high over the city for over two hours. They were captured on video and were covered in national news. Some people thought they were weather balloons, but the National Weather Service said they were not weather balloons. On the same day, QPI received reports of multiple unidentified objects that looked like rods and another report involving tiny red orbs in the Waldo area of Kansas City, Missouri, and an unexplained brilliant blue object in Independence. The entire K.C. area has been a UFO hot spot since 2011. Could these things be related as they seemed to be in Point Pleasant prior to the bridge collapse?

QPI investigates unexplained sightings of UFOs, cryptid animals, and haunted locations. Contact Margie Kay, Director of QPI at 816-833-1602 for more information or to report your own sighting. 

These sightings combined with the seven reports already on file, make a total of twelve giant bird or Mothman sightings in the same general area in the past few years. 

So what is this creature?  Hopefully, someone will capture a photo or video soon. 

Margie Kay is a paranormal investigator living in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigations. Contact Margie at