Saturday, February 16, 2019

Moon Movement Baffles Witnesses

On February, 12, 2019, Valerie Hoover saw something quite strange that she can’t explain. Valerie has had multiple sightings of UFOs from her house in Sugar Creek, Missouri which have been investigated by Jean Walker and Margie Kay with Missouri MUFON. Both Jean and Margie have obtained evidence of UFO activity in the area over Valerie’s house over a period of approximately four years. But Valerie’s recent experience is leaving both she and investigators baffled.

On February 12 at 6:30 pm Valerie went out to her back porch. She noticed something unusual. The moon seemed extremely large and very, very close. Much too close in fact, and it scared her. Valerie said that she felt that the moon was at least four times its normal size. As she stood there, trying to figure out what was going on, the moon suddenly shot straight up and away from her, stopping at a distance and location that looked normal. She took a photo (shown below). Valerie was extremely agitated about this event and called me immediately.
Photo: Valerie Hoover

A few days later, Valerie found these reports online at

Anon June 17, 2018
“I literally just watched the moon do something ii never thought possible. I believe you because I'm a little freaked out by what I just witnessed. Literally watched it move forward in its normal path, but was moving quite fast. That's what caught my attention. So I'm watching it thinking this can't be happening. Then it stops, but what happened next is entirely crazy. It moved up then backwards slowly. I stopped watching because it was seriously making me question everything. I can't even describe it properly right now because that was just too much to deal with. What did it do when you saw it move?

Anonymous June 28 2018

“About the moon moving. This was not a normal trick of the eyes. At around 2:00 a.m. last night the moon moved from one side of the sky to the other. Then like in Bruce almighty it seemed if someone tied a lasso around it and pulled it toward us. We were sitting completely still when it was happening. I almost cried, it looked like it was going to collide with earth? The moon then moved backwards and up and then maintained as normal for the rest of the night. By looking at it from the ground this all happened in a matter of fifteen seconds. It moved from let's say by the big dippers bottom star to I swear if you were to put your thumb up and cover it, fifteen thumbs to the right and then more than doubled in size. What the hell is really going on here??? Four of us all seen the same thing. No doubt in any of our minds.

Answered Dec 7 2019

“On everything I love I saw the same thing. The moon moving in an oval from right to left. Me my mom my brother my cousin and her kids and my boyfriend at the time saw it. The stars were as well. I flipped. My mom bout slapped me across the state lol. Finally, everyone calmed down and went to bed I looked out the window and could see the stars going behind the trees like the sun setting. I really don't care who believes it I know what I saw. I'd even take a lie detector test. My belief? God. It was a miraculous event.”
So what exactly is it that people are seeing in the skies?  Is the moon really moving erratically?  I seriously doubt if that is the case. More likely people are seeing a craft that appears like the moon – a UFO if you will. Or more concerning, perhaps the EARTH is actually moving in strange ways due to pole shift or Planet X approaching – which would make the night (or day) skies appear to move about oddly. I do hope it is not the latter. Extraterrestrial visitation is less scary than a pole shift.
Since there have been visitations by unknown entities at Valerie’s place, and indeed, at any house she’s ever lived in – it is not surprising that these beings would be there now. As for the other reports – it is nice to have confirmation that other people have seen similar things, but at the same time it is disconcerting to think that something is happening which we have no control over. Certainly, these entities must be benevolent or they would have hurt us by now. Maybe in Valerie’s case, they were just checking in on her.