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Remote Viewing Workshop March 14

Remote Viewing Workshop

Saturday, March 14, 2020
9:00 a.m - 5:30 p.m.Ararat Shrine Temple
5100 Ararat Drive, KC MO

This workshop is geared for UFO and paranormal investigators, and to assist them in viewing past events that may have occurred to witnesses, but it is appropriate for everyone!
No matter what your skill level, you can hone your skills as a remote-viewer and practice hands-on with one of the top remote-viewers in the U.S.  Margie Kay has helped solve over 54 crimes and has done thousands of readings using her unique abilities. She will share her knowledge with you over the course of the workshop. 

Increase your sixth sense, find out what physical issues are keeping your psychic center from working property, learn how to meditate and access the part of the mind that is used for RV effectively, learn to remote-view events or objects that are near or far including outside locations and internal body organs, animals, and more!  
We will practice Remote-Viewing in this intensive all-day workshop. Be prepared to learn a lot of information in a short period of time. By using the techniques in this class you will greatly improve your abilities! 

The cost is $99 pp for first-time attendees, or $79 pp for second-time attendees and includes lunch.

Register at

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mysteries at the Board Camp Crystal Mine

I recently wrote an article for the State of the Ozarks Magazine about the Board Camp Crystal Mine:

Giant Bird Report #20

A woman approached me at a meeting last week to let me know that she and her husband saw a huge black bird type creature in Independence, Missouri in the summer of 2015. The two were driving on 291 Highway just south of 23rd Street in the Northbound lane when they saw a very large bird with a long tail floating on the wind currents. They pulled over into a parking lot to get a better view because they couldn't believe what they were seeing. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that although they couldn't tell the exact size, it looked like it was near the size of a small private plane. The wings never flapped, and the bird was headed North and moving very slowly. No photos were taken. 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Giant Bird Report #19

Giant bird sighting report number 19 was received in my office on August 4, 2019. A man by the name of Alex was driving on 291 Highway in Independence, Missouri on Monday, July 29 at 5:00 pm when he noticed a very large bird circling high overhead. He pulled over to get a better look at the dark-colored creature because the size was so amazing. Alex said that it was similar to the shape of an Eagle, but way too large to be a bird of that type, and that it must have been something else. He was unable to get a photograph.

291 Highway is located on the east side of Independence, Missouri. Many similar reports have been made (see my articles posted earlier).

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Haunted Independence Missouri Square

 By Margie Kay 

The Quest Paranormal Investigation Team investigated several locations on the Independence Square and found that it is haunted by many spirits who reside here year-round. Many of the brick buildings still in use today were built during the 1850’s.

The Courthouse Exchange at 113 W Lexington is reported to be haunted – possibly by a boy and girl who play tricks on the employees. On numerous occasions, the opening manager has found dimes throughout the restaurant on the floor and tables, and by the register. The dimes are always found face up and are never there the night before. One of the pictures in the ladies’ restroom is sometimes found upside down or sideways or even off of the wall. On one occasion the opening manager, who closed the night before, found a stuffed animal sitting on the bar that she had never seen before. Often the T.V. is tuned to cartoons in the morning. The two young spirits have been sighted by patrons, who think they are live children until they disappear. The manager, Mary Bouer, who has worked at the restaurant for 10 years, says that “I have never personally seen a spirit, but sometimes feel the presence of someone near me and I don’t want to work alone if I can help it.” Bouer said that one time she had two reps from a beer company come look at one of the signs in the window upstairs that was not working, and they came back down the steps very quickly. The two men said that after they unplugged the neon sign from the wall, it lit up again with no electricity, which is impossible. They were so unnerved by the experience that they left and never came back.

The Truman home is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Harry Truman, who sometimes appears in his living room and library, and there have been several reports of a man resembling Harry Truman walking in the neighborhood in the late afternoon at dusk, who dissapears before people’s eyes. It is well known that Harry used to take daily walks around here, especially after his retirement from the presidency. Maybe his spirit is repeating old habits.

Tom Baumgardner, owner of Play Game Café’ reports that there is

a Two foot diameter hole in the concrete floor in the oldest part of the building basement that is filled to floor level with soft dirt. A local resident familiar with the history of these holes says they are bomb shelters that were put into all the businesses just after the end of World War II when threat of a future nuclear war was rising.

When the bomb shelters were considered unnecessary, the property owners filled them with dirt. Some people say they may be filled with more than just dirt. Some people also claim a number of buildings are still connected by secret tunnels. Like many stores on the square that have a long history of add-ons and modifications, this store is over 100 years old and has been added on to at least three times. In renovating the basement they have discovered old furnace vents, hidden crown molding, bathtubs, and stairs that lead nowhere. The Baumgardner’s also have the spirit of a little 6-year-old boy with blond hair in the building that their young daughter can see and hear.

Corporate Copy Print
owner Susan Waters says that when she first moved into the building she heard a very loud chain saw but could not locate the source. When she went next door to the neighbors to ask if they knew where the noise was coming from, they said they heard nothing. Several people have heard loud footsteps and running in the vacant second floor of the building. When they go up to investigate, no one is there. A paper delivery man insisted on going up with Susan one day when he heard someone running in the upper level, but he also found no one. 

Café Verona reports a lady in blue, who sits at one of the tables in the restaurant, then disappears. She is supposedly behind the knocking over of drinks with liquor in them. The employees say that the cabinets in the kitchen will often open and close by themselves, and a big incident one evening caused the head chef to quit on the spot.

A Salon: (undisclosed name) The owner has seen a shadow move around the salon and felt the presence of someone. I investigated this spot and see a woman in a civil war era dress sits working at a desk in one of the back rooms as she did many years ago. She was the co-owner of the store and did all of the books and ordering of supplies. Now she is content to watch over the owner and her employees.

230 and 228 West Maple where Victoria’s Bridal and Costume and Enchanted Forest are located have a number of resident ghosts who bother the owners and employees on an almost daily basis. This building used to house Montgomery Wards, and before that - the Independence Library. Bess Truman worked at the library and Harry would pick her up ther to have lunch every day during the time before they got married. 

 The employees at Victoria’s report seeing a “Lady in Red,” who is a young woman in her late 20’s with short dark bobbed hair wearing 1920’s-1930’s style shoes and a red and white skirt and blouse. The lady carries books in her left arm and walks through one wall, through the store displays, and out through the opposite wall, seemingly oblvious to her current surroundings. Other ghosts at the location do interact with the current tennants, often throwing objects across the room, answering questions outloud, whispering, or making things like keys and photos appear and dissapear. The unruly spirits have even set off the alarm with motion only (no door opening) several times causing the owner to have to pay a fine to the police for false alarm fees, which she is not very happy about.
NOTE: during a Haunted Independence class on this site, three ghosts appeared to the attendees. One moved a heavy curtain, one woman in a white lace dress and black patent leather shoes appeared near the door, and the floating head of a creepy looking man with very dark circles around his eyes appeared near a wall. Some of the attendees saw the ghosts, others just felt their presence.

Whatever else is happening on the busy Independence Square, be assured that the resident ghosts are very active, too.    

June 2019 UFO Sightings over Kansas City Remain Unexplained

Multiple UFO reports from Kansas City were filed with the Mutual UFO Network and the National UFO Reporting Center during the week of June 20, 2019.

The Kansas City Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network hosted a special Town Hall Meeting on July 15, 2018 at the Ararat Shrine Temple at 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, Missouri in order to present information about the recent UFO sightings during the week of June 20, 2019. 150 people attended this special meeting. Several other UFO sightings were reported on June 20, and sightings of giant birds were also reported. It is unknown whether the birds are related to the UFOs.

Missouri MUFON analyzed three videos submitted by witnesses to the objects over Kansas City on June 20 and found 20 other unidentified objects in the sky around the three large white objects. The video was analyzed frame by frame in order to see these other objects which were moving very fast. 

DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) released a statement which indicated they released three high-tech balloons on June 19, 2019, but witnesses said that the objects did not behave like balloons. Three objects remained in the sky over Kansas City for six hours, which is unusual behavior for balloons since they usually travel on prevailing winds. MUFON continues to investigate this situation as it remains unexplained. 

Visit for more information.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

What You Need To Know About The Skunk Ape Of The Florida Everglades

By Sally Keys

“Talking about Yeti or Bigfoot or Sasquatch… I’m sure that they exist.” - Jane Goodall. From Lewis and Clark describing seeing ape-men in their journals to Theodore Roosevelt writing and believing to be true the story of a fur trapper whose friend was killed by Bigfoot, tales of Sasquatch predate colonization of the Americas. With dozens of photos, video recordings, and even audio recordings out there it’s no wonder this reclusive beast still tantalizes our imagination. The highest concentrations of sightings, second to the Great Northwest is the Florida Everglades where the skunk ape, a cousin of the Bigfoot is still purported to lurk today.

Bigfoot's Cousin
The Chickasaw tribe called him Lofa, the Choctaw tribe called him Shampe. Sightings of The Ape-Man range across the entire continental United States. The swamp-dwelling Bigfoot is commonly known as the skunk ape named so for its pungent unmistakable odor, that of sulfur or rotten eggs. According to the experts, the skunk ape is most commonly seen in highly uninhabited areas with an abundant water supply and supposedly living in alligator caves and caverns deep in the swamps. Since the Everglades protection area is over 800 square miles of swamp and marshland, receiving over 60 inches of rain a year (almost double that of the Northwest) it seems like a perfect habitat for this elusive creature.

Skunk Ape Research Facility
Dave Shealy, who first saw a skunk ape when he was just a boy, has been pursuing the monster his whole life and has seen the creature three times since, capturing it on film more than once. He set up the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters in the Everglades where he has several exhibits and funds his research. If you one of those hoping to capture the Bigfoot or his cousins on film in the next Patterson–Gimlin sensation, you should know that Floridians have spotted the creature from Port Everglades to Everglades city. Fortunately, Port Everglades is close to the Ft Lauderdale Airport, so if you fly in it should be relatively easy to find lodging in Port Everglades and start your cryptozoology tour from there. Yet the worthiest area to hope for a sighting is deep in the reserves, which hosts perils of its own, as the Everglades are full of alligators and pythons, as well as many other prehistoric dangers.

There are still sightings reported of the Yeti in the Himalayas as there are the Sasquatch in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains. The Skunk Ape has been reportedly seen across Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, The Carolinas, and Florida. Although the ape-man may be shy and elusive and it’s existence heavily debated, there are those to this day that recount stories both mysterious and terrifying. If you decide to hunt him down yourself, beware.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Town Hall Meeting in Kansas City: UFO and Giant Bird Sightings

Multiple UFO reports were filed with the Mutual UFO Network during the week of June 20, 2019. We will discuss these reports and show video and still photographs of the objects. The public may file sighting reports at the meeting.

The Kansas City Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network is hosting a special Town Hall Meeting on July 15, 2018 at the Ararat Shrine Temple at 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, Missouri in order to present information about the recent UFO sightings during the week of June 10, 2019. Several sightings of giant birds were also reported. Field investigators will be on hand to take sighting reports from the public.

The number of reports is unusually high. Some objects may have been High-Tech balloons from DARPA, but an investigator captured images of other objects flying near the balloons which are currently unidentified. Other reports included small bright red orbs and transparent rod-shaped objects at tree level. Investigators are currently working on these reports.

The town hall meeting will begin at 6:00 PM and the regular MUFON meeting will start at approximately 7:00 PM. Both meetings are open to the public.

$5.00 admission covers both events.

For those who wish to order dinner the restaurant will begin serving at 5:00 pm in the meeting hall. The easiest way to access the meeting hall is to park in back of the building and go in the back door then turn left and go through the restaurant.

Margie Kay
Assistant State Director, Missouri MUFON

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mysterious Four States Conference June 29, 2019

Mysterious Four States is a series of events exploring the noir side of history and legends in the Four State area (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas)

Come tour the beautiful Coleman Theater, hear about the mysterious side of the Four State area from the Spook Light to hauntings to infamous mysteries of the Four States.

Admission is $10 per person.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the theatre at 103 N. Main St. in downtown Miami, call 918-540-2425 or go online to

Here is the schedule for the Mysterious Four States at The Coleman Theater. You are welcome to attend any or all sections and participate in discussions, plus the movie with your paid ticket.

12:30pm Welcome

1pm Bonnie and Clyde in the Four States

2pm Legends of lost treasure in the four states from Spanish gold trains to the lost Confederate Gold of the Civil War

3pm UFO Mysteries in the Four States

4pm Supernatural Four States with video presentation

5pm Q and A and dinner break

6pm The Spook Light legends and experiences,

730pm behind the scenes tour of The Coleman

Discussion Panel: Lisa Livingston-Martin, author and researcher, Margie Kay author and researcher, Larry Wood, author and historian, Joshua Heston, folklorist, author and editor of the State of the Ozarks Magazine and more.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Five More Giant Bird or Mothman Sightings in Kansas CIty Amid UFO Reports

Five more giant bird sightings in the greater Kansas City area this week: 

Two independent witnesses in Sugar Creek and Independence, Missouri reported seeing a Mothman or giant bird on the same day, and three more witnesses came forward this week. 

Sugar Creek, MO

4:00 pm

Valerie Hoover was outside in her back yard when she heard a small plane flying overhead.  She looked up and saw a small plane flying from the Southeast to the northwest, but she wasn't prepared to see a bird nearly the same size as the plane.  An extremely large black bird was flying above the plane in a circular pattern. She watched it for five minutes as it flew downward, then up again, then it flew off to the Northeast and out of sight. 

She was shocked to see that the bird’s wings were as wide as the plane's. Valerie speculates that it could have been a moth man due to the size. The creature was too far away for her to  see any features, but it did not look like a turkey buzzard, eagle, hawk or any other large bird that she has seen before. “It certainly was much larger than any bird I’ve ever seen, and perhaps it wasn't a bird at all - it may have been a mothman,” said Valerie.

1976 Cessna 172N Skyhawk
Photo: FlugKerl2 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Although Valerie could not identify the type of plane she saw she did recognize that it was a small engine plane. The most popular small engine four -passenger craft is the Cessna 172N Skyhawk with a 36' wingspan and 27' body length. If the bird was the same size, that is one very large creature. 

Second sighting: 

Independence, Missouri
6:30 pm

Later that evening at approximately 6:30 pm, another witness saw a giant bird. Terre T. lives in east Independence, Missouri. She heard the birds outside her home suddenly get very agitated and start squawking and screeching, so she ran outside to see what was going on. Her first thought was that there may have been a hawk chasing a small animal, but what she saw stopped her dead in her tracks. 

She heard a loud screeching coming from a very large black bird, which had just flown over her house. Terre did not recognize the bird as anything she's seen before. It was all black with fluffy feathers, not smooth and shiny like a crow's feathers. She estimates the size of the wingspan to be at least five to six feet, but can't be certain. The crows and other birds in the trees continued to squawk for several minutes after the giant bird was out of sight, so something agitated them. The creature was heading north and flew out of sight. Note: the Missouri River is north of this location) Terre also speculates that the creature is a Mothman or an unknown type of bird. 

California Condor flying over the Grand Canyon
Photo: By Silent Paws - Self-photographed, Public Domain,

According to Wikipedia, the California Condor is the largest bird in the United States. It has a wingspan of 9.5 feet. However, Condors do not live in the Midwest region, so that eliminates the Condor unless there is a rogue bird here. Even so, the wingspan is still not large enough to explain Valerie's sighting or some of the past sighting reports (see my earlier posts).  

Third Sighting: 

June 16, 2019
Overland Park, Kansas

On Sunday, June 16, 2019, four days prior to the two sightings on June 20, a man and woman were driving to their home in Overland Park when they noticed a very large bird flying overhead. "The bird was completely black and was enormous," said one witness. Neither witness could identify the bird. At first, they thought it must be a Condor, but it was much larger. It flew north and out of sight.

Fourth Sighting:

June 18, 2019

Independence, Missouri

A 58-year-old man and his 37-year-old son were exiting their car to go into their house on June 18 at 5:30 pm when they noticed a very large bird floating on the wind currents high above their house. "The bird was absolutely huge, and much larger than any bird I've ever seen." said one witness.  The older witness said that the bird was a very dark color and never flapped its wings. It then glided off to the north and out of sight. Both men stood in astonishment and couldn't believe what they had just seen. 

Fifth Sighting Report

Summer of 2009
Independence, Missouri

A witness living in northeast Independence, Missouri recently reported an event that occurred in 2009. He was working on his garden when he suddenly had the feeling he needed to look up. He saw a huge bird floating on the air currents above him and gliding around in a figure eight pattern. The witness said that the bird was much larger than a condor with a huge wingspan. The bird never flapped its wings. It appeared very dark in color. 

Some witnesses speculate that this creature may be the Mothman, a creature seen at Point Pleasant, West Virginia for several months prior to a disastrous bridge disaster in 1967. In his 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies, author John Keel claimed that the Point Pleasant residents experienced precognitions including premonitions of the collapse of the Silver Bridge, unidentified flying object sightings, visits from inhuman or threatening men in black, and other phenomena.

Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
 Jason W. -, CC BY 2.0,

There have been similar events in greater Kansas City. On June 20, 2019, two unidentified objects hovered high over the city for over two hours. They were captured on video and were covered in national news. Some people thought they were weather balloons, but the National Weather Service said they were not weather balloons. On the same day, QPI received reports of multiple unidentified objects that looked like rods and another report involving tiny red orbs in the Waldo area of Kansas City, Missouri, and an unexplained brilliant blue object in Independence. The entire K.C. area has been a UFO hot spot since 2011. Could these things be related as they seemed to be in Point Pleasant prior to the bridge collapse?

QPI investigates unexplained sightings of UFOs, cryptid animals, and haunted locations. Contact Margie Kay, Director of QPI at 816-833-1602 for more information or to report your own sighting. 

These sightings combined with the seven reports already on file, make a total of twelve giant bird or Mothman sightings in the same general area in the past few years. 

So what is this creature?  Hopefully, someone will capture a photo or video soon. 

Margie Kay is a paranormal investigator living in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigations. Contact Margie at 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Missouri MUFON Lab in Need of Equipment

Missouri MUFON is in need of an updated piece of equipment in order to properly analyze evidence.  Missouri MUFON is a chapter of the International Mutual UFO Network, which is the largest UFO organization in the world. 

Lynne Mann is our Chief Laboratory Analyst. She volunteers her time for the laboratory, which is located in Farmington, Missouri (near St. Louis).

Our current solutions and equipment were bought with donations from our members. MUFON is a nonprofit organization which scientifically studies UFOs. We assist investigators and help the people who have experienced these events to understand in scientific terms what may have happened. 

We are in need of a new motorized Histology Microtome as ours was very old and has finally stopped being functional. We would be purchasing a good used one but even with that concession, the price is too much for our members here to cover. We do not charge for the Lab’s services so have to depend on people interested in furthering the scientific study of UFO phenomena to help out with costs. 

Visit the Go Fund Me page for more information about how you can donate.

For more information about Missouri MUFON and the lab please visit our website at

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Moon Movement Baffles Witnesses

On February, 12, 2019, Valerie Hoover saw something quite strange that she can’t explain. Valerie has had multiple sightings of UFOs from her house in Sugar Creek, Missouri which have been investigated by Jean Walker and Margie Kay with Missouri MUFON. Both Jean and Margie have obtained evidence of UFO activity in the area over Valerie’s house over a period of approximately four years. But Valerie’s recent experience is leaving both she and investigators baffled.

On February 12 at 6:30 pm Valerie went out to her back porch. She noticed something unusual. The moon seemed extremely large and very, very close. Much too close in fact, and it scared her. Valerie said that she felt that the moon was at least four times its normal size. As she stood there, trying to figure out what was going on, the moon suddenly shot straight up and away from her, stopping at a distance and location that looked normal. She took a photo (shown below). Valerie was extremely agitated about this event and called me immediately.
Photo: Valerie Hoover

A few days later, Valerie found these reports online at

Anon June 17, 2018
“I literally just watched the moon do something ii never thought possible. I believe you because I'm a little freaked out by what I just witnessed. Literally watched it move forward in its normal path, but was moving quite fast. That's what caught my attention. So I'm watching it thinking this can't be happening. Then it stops, but what happened next is entirely crazy. It moved up then backwards slowly. I stopped watching because it was seriously making me question everything. I can't even describe it properly right now because that was just too much to deal with. What did it do when you saw it move?

Anonymous June 28 2018

“About the moon moving. This was not a normal trick of the eyes. At around 2:00 a.m. last night the moon moved from one side of the sky to the other. Then like in Bruce almighty it seemed if someone tied a lasso around it and pulled it toward us. We were sitting completely still when it was happening. I almost cried, it looked like it was going to collide with earth? The moon then moved backwards and up and then maintained as normal for the rest of the night. By looking at it from the ground this all happened in a matter of fifteen seconds. It moved from let's say by the big dippers bottom star to I swear if you were to put your thumb up and cover it, fifteen thumbs to the right and then more than doubled in size. What the hell is really going on here??? Four of us all seen the same thing. No doubt in any of our minds.

Answered Dec 7 2019

“On everything I love I saw the same thing. The moon moving in an oval from right to left. Me my mom my brother my cousin and her kids and my boyfriend at the time saw it. The stars were as well. I flipped. My mom bout slapped me across the state lol. Finally, everyone calmed down and went to bed I looked out the window and could see the stars going behind the trees like the sun setting. I really don't care who believes it I know what I saw. I'd even take a lie detector test. My belief? God. It was a miraculous event.”
So what exactly is it that people are seeing in the skies?  Is the moon really moving erratically?  I seriously doubt if that is the case. More likely people are seeing a craft that appears like the moon – a UFO if you will. Or more concerning, perhaps the EARTH is actually moving in strange ways due to pole shift or Planet X approaching – which would make the night (or day) skies appear to move about oddly. I do hope it is not the latter. Extraterrestrial visitation is less scary than a pole shift.
Since there have been visitations by unknown entities at Valerie’s place, and indeed, at any house she’s ever lived in – it is not surprising that these beings would be there now. As for the other reports – it is nice to have confirmation that other people have seen similar things, but at the same time it is disconcerting to think that something is happening which we have no control over. Certainly, these entities must be benevolent or they would have hurt us by now. Maybe in Valerie’s case, they were just checking in on her.