Thursday, September 6, 2018

Possible Bigfoot Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri

A woman in St. Joseph, Missouri, contacted me about a possible Bigfoot sighting which occured on the night of August 5, 2018 on a highway outside of town near a wooded area. I would like to know if anyone else has seen a Sasquatch in the area. 

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said
"We were going west on 36 hwy and came up over a hill in an area that had wooded area on either side of the highway. I was talking to my fiancé and had to turned to him. When I turned back to look at the road I saw something run from the middle grassy area to the trees on the left side. I didn't see a clear view of it I just saw what kinda looked like a big blur run across the road and dip into the trees. I looked around to see if maybe it was someone who's car had broken down and was running from something but there was no other cars and not really any houses close. It was pretty tall and I thought later that it might have been a Bigfoot because it crossed the highway in only 2- 3 steps."

If you've seen a bigfoot, we'd like to investigate. Please contact me at 
Margie Kay is the Director of Quest Investigation Group in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Multiple UFO Sightings and Other Unexplained Events

There were sightings across eastern Jackson County, just east of Kansas City, Missouri on the afternoon of August 28, 2018. I posted my own sightings online, then several people advised me that they had their own sightings of UFOs and other unexplained objects in the skies over Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, and Independence. 

I don't want to put too much information here, because I'd like to see other's photos or drawings of the objects before I post the details of what I saw. 

There was a very heavy rainstorm just before these sightings, so I wonder if the negative ions generated by the storm could have been the reason as to why these objects were visible. I saw literally hundreds of unidentified objects as I was driving during two times between 6:00 pm and 8:30 p.m. They were all only visible for a short period of time - only 1-2 seconds, but long enough for me to see them clearly. There were different sizes, shapes, and colors, and in one instance about 30-40 UFOs were all visible at the same time and they were clustered together in one location directly west of my position in south Independence. 

I called another investigator, Jean Walker, and she looked at the skies and saw three objects. One of the drawings she made looked exactly like one of my drawings, and it is not your standard UFO shape! 

Several people came forward to tell me that they also saw objects on that day, confirming what I thought - that there were indeed UFOs in our skies that day and I didn't imagine it.

The objects were so quickly in and out of sight, that most people would probably think that there was something wrong with their eyesight, a reflection, or a "floater." 

These are what we call in ufology "Fast-Movers." Others have reported seeing such objects, mostly on film after reviewing footage, and in some cases only caught on one frame. That is very fast-moving, indeed! 

I theorize that these Fast Movers are actually in higher dimensions and move about at what seems to be a fast speed to us, when in fact, it may not be that fast at all to the occupants of the craft (if indeed, there are occupants - they could be remote-controlled). 

One other very odd thing that happened earlier in the afternoon was something that I saw in the windshield of a car parked behind me. I can only describe it as what looked like aliens or other creatures moving very slowly across the windshield and out of sight. They creatures were moving about and talking to each other, but seemed oblivious to our world. The scene moved slowly across the windshield. I ruled out reflections of passing cars as they did not affect the scene but I could see their reflection move by very quickly. This happened three times in a 15-minute period. I was so shocked that I didn't think to get photos until the third "pass" of the creatures.

I did get three photos, which were taken looking into my rear-view mirror. I enlarged them so you can see more detail. Tell me what you see in them. The man is sitting in his car on the left side and you can see him behind the strange objects in front of him. Also, please note something on the right side that looks to me like the head of someone, but there was no one else in the vehicle. I had passed by the car earlier, and spoke to the man sitting in the car while I was waiting to go inside to a meeting and I saw that he was the only one in the vehicle. 

Perhaps these creatures were also from higher dimensions and were only visible due to the extra negative ions in the air or for some other reason, like the UFOs I would see later. 

This is very perplexing. I've never encountered anything like it and I've done hundreds of investigations into paranormal phenomena. 

Margie Kay is the owner of Un-X Media Publishing and is the Director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group. Contact her through