Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mass Sighting of UFO in Missouri August 17, 2017

By Michael S Adler - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
At the time of the solar eclipse on August 17, 2017, multiple witnesses observed a low hovering white ufo near Lathrop, Missouri just 30 feet from 116 highway, then moved at highway speeds or higher, back and forth, just missing vehicles. A man has come forward with the information about this event, however, he wishes to remain anonymous.

The witness stated that there were dozens of people parked on the sides of the road who observed this object, and that many were taking pictures with cell phones and cameras, which were confiscated by authorities on the scene. There were authorities from several jurisdictions at this event as well as a local Kansas City News channel.

The witness estimates that the size of the UFO was 20 feet long, 9' high and 8 - 9' tall. The color was white. It had no wheels, no wheel wells, and no windows. It ejected two small silver spheres the size of grapefruits which traveled on the road approximately 6" above the road, and it made a low noise. There are other details about this event that MUFON is not disclosing at this time.

Missouri MUFON is investigating the case and would like for anyone who witnessed the event to contact Jean Walker, KC Section Director, at jmwblondie@hotmailcom or Margie Kay, Assistant State Director, at Witnesses may remain anonymous if desired.

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