Monday, August 7, 2017

Writer’s Block? Find Inspiration Through Haunted Travel

By Sally Keys
Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash
We can’t all simply reach into the darkest depths of ourselves and pull out a masterpiece the way writers like Stephen King do. Even if our imaginations knew no bounds, sometimes there’s no better story than the truth. It may seem that there are only so many ghosts in one’s backyard, and perhaps you’ve exhausted those resources. The world is full of spiritual, and potentially haunted destinations which are just waiting to be written about. Is it fate calling you to visit them, or the voices of lost souls?
Explore Haunted America
The USA is home to hundreds of sites known to be inhabited by otherworldly forces. You could close your eyes and pick a state at random and there would likely be a destination within it that suits your niche. Some areas have fascinating and well-known historical significance. Take Salem, Massachusetts, the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Alternatively, in Independence, Missouri you can find the haunted Ginger Rogers' birthplace where Ginger Rogers’ ghost is said to reside. No matter what century you’re drawn to write about, the USA will undoubtedly have something to offer you.
Search Farther From Home
The world is a big place; it’s full of mystery and tragedy. See the final resting places of thousands by venturing to the Catacombs in France or the Killing Fields in Cambodia. There’s no denying that a certain energy is palpable in places that have seen such horrors. If you’re especially brave, or a little bit twisted, you may consider a visit to Aokigahara, Japan: otherwise known as “Suicide Forest.” The global possibilities for your ghost hunting are endless.
Look on the Bright Side
A little light couldn’t hurt, could it? Assuming you’re not a vampire, of course. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found in spiritual destinations around the world. Though these destinations are innumerable, countries like Thailand are popular for their particularly enlightening holy places. You can go anywhere for your spiritual trip, or you can visit some specific destinations for spiritual vacations.
Go Forth and Wander
Normally inspiration won’t seek you out, you have to go looking for it; but we are talking about ghosts, so you may get lucky. Just in case, play it safe and go find the creepiest places you could dream of. But remember the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
Sally Keys is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across many different areas. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job and loves the work-life balance it offers her. When not at work, Sally enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family and travelling as much as possible. 

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