Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kurt Russell Witnessed the Phoenix Lights Incident!

Kurt Russell recently appeared on several television interviews about the Phoenix UFO Sightings. He stated that he was the pilot who called the sighting in to the Phoenix airport tower as he and his son witnessed the lights in a V -shaped formation and were perplexed at what they saw. The radar did not pick up on the object or objects.

Amazingly, Kurt forgot about the incident almost immediately after it happened and was only reminded of it when he saw a television show that his wife, Goldie Hawn, was watching. It is interesting to note, that as a UFO investigator I can attest that it is not uncommon for people to mysteriously forget about a UFO sighting, only to remember it later when something triggers their memory. A check in his log book revealed that Kurt was indeed at that location at the time of the event.

Here are two interviews with Russell:

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