Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Medium’s Life: Margie Kay

Margie Kay on a paranormal investigation

By Maria Christine

If you meet Margie Kay while conducting business with her contracting company, you'll never suspect that she has encountered UFOs and aliens and has a portal at her house.  Kay's double life – as a business owner by day, and a paranormal researcher and author by night may sound like it would be confusing and taxing, but she has learned how to deal with it in a positive manner. 

Kay's bizarre experiences with UFO and alien encounters and abductions, ghosts, and extreme psychic abilities have been such a large part of her life that she is no longer surprised when anything strange occurs.  “I go about my daily routine, and if something happens it happens.  There is not much you can do about it,” said Margie, who is often interrupted by a ghost in her office.  “There are ghosts everywhere I go, from home, the office, or when visiting other places,” she said.  Kay sees translucent spirits several times a week, and the occasional alien as well.  She believes that ghosts and aliens come from the same dimension and cross over into our third/fourth dimension, which explains why the otherworldly entities look transparent at times, and at other times seem to appear fully materialized.  She also believes that these entities do not take the time and trouble to appear to someone on this plane unless they have a good reason. 

Margie always had an interest in UFOs, but did not recall any close encounters until she was regressed in 1987 after an implant was removed by a surgeon.  She wanted to know what the source of the implant was, so got hypnotized in order to recall the incident. What she saw surprised her- a visit from several small gray aliens, a trip in a UFO to another planet, and study at a school before returning to Earth.  That prompted an ongoing study of UFO's. Kay, like many others, wants to know why aliens are here, what they want, and why only some people are directly involved.  

After several regressions, Margie has learned that there are several different types of aliens, and that her encounters with them started many lifetimes ago.  She has experienced Grays, white aliens that look similar to the Grays, Mantis aliens, and Reptilians, including some disguised as humans. 

During one regression session, Kay saw herself as a Native American Shaman approximately 1,000 years ago, and was visited during that life by a Mantis.  The Mantis took her to his planet which was covered in a layer of smooth crystal, and did work with objects that emitted different colors of light in order to activate portions of her brain and body. The message from the Mantis was that this treatment would stay with her throughout future lifetimes, and that different areas of consciousness would activate on schedule.

To Margie, this explains why she has steadily gained psychic abilities since early childhood.  What began as simple clairsentient abilities, over the years improved to the point that now she is what has been termed an “Extreme Psychic.”  She is now clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant, with the gift of seeing inside the human body to do intuitive medical diagnosis, even at a microscopic level.  Kay also communicates with trees, sees music, hears color, and telepathically communicates with aliens and ghosts. She acts as a medium, speaking to spirits on the other side. Her latest talent- channeling- amazes her as well as others.

Margie’s gifts have allowed her to assist law enforcement and private investigators solve over 50 homicide, thefts, and missing person cases.  When Kay was 28 year old, after seeing her remarkable skill at work in solving a homicide case, she was “let go” from a job as a private investigator because her boss was afraid that she would “read” him, too.  

However, Margie does not “read” people unless she has been asked by that person to do so, except in the case of a child where the parent has requested assistance.  “I do not believe that it is ethical to look into people's bodies or souls unless given permission,” she said.

Kay learned first-hand about time-travel when she experienced it in her own body at the age of 43.  She and her husband were vacationing in the Bahamas when she became very ill.  While attempting to sleep, Kay was jolted wide awake and felt like the wind was knocked out of her. She found that she was in her own 11-year-old body at a previous time in her Grandparent's house.  “I was fully aware of what was going on, and knew that I might only have a short time there before going back,” said Kay. I quickly spoke with my mother, sister, brother, grandmother, and grandfather.  Only my grandfather believed what was happening.”  After Kay returned home from the Bahamas, she asked her family if they remembered her acting strange at any time and they all recalled the incident.  “This was confirmation to me that time travel is possible, at least in your own body,” said Margie.

Several years later while waiting in traffic to turn onto her home street, Kay saw herself driving her car across the road.  She has also experienced missing time, and time speeding up and slowing down- even making a 2 ½ hour road trip in one hour flat. 

“Not all of my experiences have been pleasant,” said Kay. “But if I attempt to look at this objectively, the only thing I can say with certainty is that I don't yet understand the negative experiences.”  While meditating one day not long after a regression session, Margie recalled an abduction incident by Grays when she was 16 months old.  A blue/white light shown in her bedroom and three Gray aliens took her from her bed into a craft outside her apartment that she shared with her parents.  After doing exams and implanting her with devices in her nose, navel, and ears, the Grays returned her to her bed.  “At the time of the incident all I knew was that there was something in my nose that didn't belong there and I had a terrible nose bleed.  I screamed - and my parents came in the room to find blood everywhere. They put an ice pack on my nose and cleaned up the bed linens.  It was very unnerving to recall this and experience it again, but the regression session explained a lot.”

During a trance session in 2012 Kay attempted to see the New Madrid Fault and the North and South poles.  She saw gigantic metal rods inserted at angles at the poles, and in the Northern part of the New Madrid Fault, which were placed there by UFO occupants.  She was told by her guides that aliens or humans from the future are attempting to reduce the effects of a pole shift and large earthquake that will occur soon.  Perhaps this is the reason why sightings often occur around faults just before an earthquake.

What Kay has learned from spirits, trees, and aliens is that there is nothing “supernatural” about anything.  She has been told by her deceased grandfather that the universe is only partially understood by science and that eventually, all things will be known to everyone.  Her deceased mother was the first to let her know that spirits are made up of light photons and travel as light to get places quickly, then gain energy from electrical sources to materialize at the destination site.  The tree in her backyard communicates that human spirits have the ability to enter and live in trees or other living things in order to experience that life.  And her Mantis friend indicated that Margie's purpose in this lifetime is to raise the vibratory rate and consciousness of her fellow human beings. 

Kurt Russell Witnessed the Phoenix Lights Incident!

Kurt Russell recently appeared on several television interviews about the Phoenix UFO Sightings. He stated that he was the pilot who called the sighting in to the Phoenix airport tower as he and his son witnessed the lights in a V -shaped formation and were perplexed at what they saw. The radar did not pick up on the object or objects.

Amazingly, Kurt forgot about the incident almost immediately after it happened and was only reminded of it when he saw a television show that his wife, Goldie Hawn, was watching. It is interesting to note, that as a UFO investigator I can attest that it is not uncommon for people to mysteriously forget about a UFO sighting, only to remember it later when something triggers their memory. A check in his log book revealed that Kurt was indeed at that location at the time of the event.

Here are two interviews with Russell: