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Spooklights of Missouri

The state of Missouri has its share of anomalies- high numbers of UFO sightings, haunted sites, and paranormal weirdness, but the so-called spook lights, which remain unexplained to this day, are among the strangest phenomena.

In Clarks Fork, an area south of I-70 in mid-Missouri accessible only by dirt roads, is one spot where strange lights have appeared. It is said that in the early 1800’s a man built a cabin near a spring and lived as a hermit. One day some hunters came upon the cabin but the hermit was gone, leaving a cold fire and his dogs. 

According to the book The Haunted Bookslick, people saw a ball of light near the hermit’s cabin which appeared to be looking in the windows. 

The ball of light would play with the neighbor’s dogs and in some cases scared them. Some families reported that the spook light would shoot through the woods, making a high-pitched noise, and even setting trees on fire, which would be found undamaged the next day.  One man reported that the light came close to his house and that he could see figures and hear talking inside the light. This light was reported into the 20th Century, but perhaps it is still there even though no one is around.

The Knob Noster Ghost Light, off Route 50 right next to Knob Noster State Park can been seen on stormy nights. Reportedly, a slave disappeared and his owner acted very suspicions about it, making the townspeople believe that he murdered the man. The hermet was killed by a lightning bolt as he walked along a ridge on Knob Noster looking for the source of a light he saw on the hill which looked like a lantern. When the hermit was discovered, he had a look of horror on his face, as if he had just seen a ghost. Shortly after people started to report seeing a lantern moving along the ridge during storms, and it still appears today, over 140 years later.

Source: Wikipedia
The Hornet Spooklight AKA Joplin Spook Light, Devil’s Jack-O’-Lantern, Ozark Spook Light, Ghost Light, or Hollis Light appears along a short stretch of road between southwestern Missouri and southeast Kansas and Oklahoma, near the small town of Hornet, Missouri. The area is known as the Devil’s Promenade. The earliest reports trace back 200 years by the local Quapaw Indians. Some say it is the ghost of a Civil War Soldier, others say it is the ghost of a Native American in search of his lost head.  In yet another tale, the lights are the remains of a white famer and Native man who killed each other.
The light appears along the road, in yards, and in fields. People report seeing it as different colors including blue, yellow, red, orange, and green, or even as a color-changing orb. The shape is usually reported to be that of a ball or lantern.  Sometimes more than one light appears at the same time, and some people report the lights following them alongside of their vehicle.

The Spooklight was so popular that there used to be a museum dedicated to the light. Leslie Robertson operated the museum where he offered booklets, photographs and a viewing platform for people to observe the light.  His interest was spurred when in 1906 at the age of 14 he saw the light for the first time. It wouldn’t be his last, as he said he saw it thousands of times.

In 1936 an article appeared in the Kansas City Star about the light, and the legend of the light appeared in the 1947 book Ozark Superstitions by Vance Randolph, a well-known folklorist.
One man shot the light one day with his 30-30 rifle, yet it seemed unaffected.

According to Troy Taylor of, Resident Arthur Holbrook said in an interview he had first seen the light in 1905. A local Native man born in 1897 said that he had seen the light as a child and that his family said it had been around for generations. 

The light has been investigated by multiple groups, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who studied the light in 1946, but could find no reasonable explanation for it.

Recently several paranormal research groups tried to get evidence of the light and were able to capture video of it. However, when approached from both sides at the same time one group was unable to see the light as they got close to it, while it still remained visible to the group on the other side.

Source: News Photographer Marta Churchwell
Professor Allen Rice, Ph.D. of the University of Central Oklahoma did an investigation of the spook light with his team called the Boomers. He said they found the explanation for the lights as being headlights and taillights, 9 miles west of the location.  However, this would not explain the sightings that occurred prior to vehicles or roads.

In the summer of 1970 I got to experience the Hornet Spooklight first-hand. I was 14 years old. My father took our family out to Spooklight road to see if we could see the spook light. As we drove along the quiet, dark road, two yellow/white lights appeared to the right of the car. One was the size of a basketball, the other was the size of a softball. The smaller light went inside the car window in the back seat where I was sitting with my brother and sister, moved slowly, softly illuminating the interior of the car and ourselves, and shot out the other window. The second larger light went in front of the car, causing my father to stop the vehicle. Both lights then joined back together and shot off into the woods on the opposite side of the road. We all agreed that the lights acted like they were under intelligent control.  I found out later that this same scenario occurred to other people.  In my mind the mystery remains to be solved, but now that the road is closed to the public with no parking signs on either side it will be difficult for anyone to investigate.

The Marley Woods Lights. Marley Woods is the name given to an undisclosed location in South Missouri by internationally known UFO and Paranormal researcher Ted Phillips. It is at approximately the same line of latitude as the Hornet Spook Light. The residents don’t want to be disturbed by hordes of people, so they would only agree to letting the site be investigated if the location was kept secret. The site, which includes many farms and acres of property, is a hotspot for paranormal activity with UFO sightings, crop circles, unseen forces that push people, hauntings, and even bigfoot sightings.

One of the most misunderstood phenomenon in this area is the strange balls of lights- or spook lights that appear in the area, and have been reported by residents for many generations. In 1969 children playing on a trampoline were startled when they saw a glowing white ball of light that hovered in a nearby tree. The tree died within two weeks. Many people have seen these strange lights, both far away and close up. In my opinion they closely resemble the Hornet Spook Light in appearance and movement. 

Dr. Harley Rutledge and a team of Physics major student volunteers investigated this location after the wave of UFO and unexplained lights sightings in and near Piedmont, MO.  He wrote about it in his now out of print book Project Identification, in which he described that the lights behaved in a way that defied known physics.

In 2007, Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer with the Center for Trace Evidence SIU Team and Ted Phillips investigated the site and obtained video of the object – visit to see the video.  The SIU team revisited the site many times, only to come up with no explanation for the lights. 

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UFO Sightings Increase Across Missouri

UFO Sightings Increase Across the State of Missouri
The Missouri chapter of the Mutual UFO Network received 54 UFO sighting reports over the past three months across the state.

Kansas City, Missouri August 5, 2016

Multiple witnesses describe orbs or balls of light, and different shaped objects in the skies over the Lake of the Ozarks, St. Louis, and many other locations across the state of Missouri from west to east. The shapes of the objects vary from blimps, spheres, discs, oval, triangular and rectangular. The balls of light are described as bright white or orange or yellow fireballs.

On August 2, 2016 a witness captured cell phone video of a strange large pulsating light above the St. Louis Arch. The light was also captured by a surveillance video camera as reported on Fox 2 Now in St. Louis and the Huffington Post. This case is being covered heavily in the media due to the photographic evidence. The case is being investigated by Missouri MUFON Chief Investigator Joe Palermo.

A witness in Belle, Missouri reported that he, his family and neighbors have observed multiple unidentified objects in the skies directly over their house during the past several months. The witnesses have observed white balls of light, a large disk shaped dark object at tree-top level with beams of light coming from it that did not appear to hit the ground. On February 2, 2016 the witness was able to capture several images of a cigar shaped object in the sky above his house while he and a neighbor worked on a vehicle (see photo at left). The object traveled west to east and produced no sound. He has had trouble with the electrical system and car battery since these events.  The witnesses continue to see UFOs almost nightly, depending on the weather. The primary witness said that many more people in the area have also seen unidentified objects but have not filed reports.

Several witnesses near the Lake of the Ozarks reported seeing unidentified aerial objects over the past 16 weeks as well as an entity, which climbed a tree and entered a hovering craft. The first object one witness noticed was a bright ball of light in the trees. The ball of light moved out of the trees and stopped just 20' from the witness. Curious, one witness attempted to take picture with his cell phone, but when the flash went off, the object shot straight up in the air and stopped, then started flashing blue and red, then moved quickly further away and stopped again. It disappeared shortly after. Since that incident, the man and his wife and neighbors have seen many different types and shapes of objects in the skies. Most are a dark grey color, some are white, and others are a round disk shape with square block shapes on the bottom. Some have a jet like sound, others produce no sound at all and seem to have no propulsion system. In one case the UFO looked like lightening. The witness called Whiteman Air Force Base to report his sightings because it seemed that the objects were starting to get hostile. One object chased him as he drove down the road and he became very afraid that something would happen so he called Whiteman AFB, who referred the witness to MUFON. These cases are being investigated by Assistant State Director Margie Kay.

Low-flying white balls of light a large triangular shaped craft, and a round craft with a row of lights around the center were reported in Sunrise Beach, Missouri in June. None of the objects created a sound or emissions. Kansas City Section Director Jean Walker is working on this case.

On May 3, 2016 a witness captured photos of a large UFO hovering over a Cardinals game, as reported in UFO Sightings Daily.

During the month of July, 2016 Missouri MUFON received 29 case file reports with multiple witnesses seeing strange unexplained objects. Missouri has been a hot bed of UFO activity for many years, but since October of 2011 more reports have been filed than in previous years. Missouri MUFON encourages witnesses to file their UFO report and any photos obtained at An investigator will contact witnesses.

Contact: Margie Kay, Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON at 816-833-1602 or for more information.