Sunday, April 24, 2016

Remote Viewing the Pyramids

By Margie Kay

I always wondered how the Pyramids were built, why they were built, and who built them, so I finally decided to Remote View this. RV works for any time period, and I'm able to look at the past more easily than the future.

Immediately upon looking at the construction I saw very tall extraterrestrial
beings, who looked human, in charge of the project. There were high -tech flying machines and vehicles, a city with many people walking about, and no one seemed concerned about the tall beings or the machines. 

The thing that was most surprising was that the area was lush with trees, bushes, grasses, and water. A far cry from what we see in pictures today of Egypt. So I sensed that this was a long, long time ago, although I did not get a date, the time feels like it was approximately 50,000 years ago.

I went to the quarry site where the stones were cut, and saw laser-like instruments being used to cut out the stones. There was a metal framework placed on the stones, then the laser cut out, or melted the rock to form a perfectly cut stone. Then, a small drone-like flying machine came overhead over the stone, and lifted it out of the ground with some type of unseen force. The machine never touched the stone. I hear the term "anti-gravity" being used with regards to lifting and moving the stones, These stones were then quickly guided to their eventual location within the great pyramid by workers, both remotely and in person. The amazing thing is that I saw the planners planning the cutting and location of each stone, which were then placed in order of their removal so that they would fit exactly perfectly together at their final location.

What is the purpose of the Pyramids?

The Great Pyramid, and all pyramids create powerful energy when it is needed. One of the things they do is collect energy from other locations around the globe, which were also placed there by ET beings in order to provide energy, and also to protect the planet from incoming threats such as comets or asteroids, or even alien craft threats. A strong beam of energy will shoot out the top of the pyramid if and when activates. There is also a grid connection to the other pyramids on the earth.

I also saw that there are some as yet undiscovered great pyramids which are as big as this one or even bigger. These are under the ocean and under ice, as well as under soil and plant material worldwide.

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