Friday, September 4, 2015

What is "Normal?"


s I sit at my desk, reeling from the wave of anomalous reports from witnesses that have come in the past few weeks, and my own two UFO sightings —-I wonder—Is the world crazy or is this stuff just normal?

It makes you think. What is “Normal” anyway? Do we have a handle on normality or is it just something we put in a “real” category box, and everything else can be either ignored or put in a different box, perhaps an “imaginary,” or “unsafe,” or “I don’t want to deal with that,” one.  It could be that everyone has their own level of understanding based on their own experiences and it is impossible to say what is real and what isn’t.

But what is real, to me, is likely collected in a much larger box that most people’s, and for that matter, most people who read this magazine probably have a pretty large “Normal” box as well. After seeing real-life alien beings in person when fully awake my opinion on whether or not ETs are real was changed to Absolutely Yes several years ago. But I got to experience this myself. Not everyone has had the opportunity to see Ets for themselves, so this topic may still be a big question for them. It certainly is for many spouses or families of experiencers.

Another thing in my “Normal” box is ghosts. Or if you prefer, spirits. I interact with them, speak to them, and hear them speak. Not always, and certainly not always at the time I want them to do it, but they do communicate nonetheless and occasionally materialize or even appear and feel like solid flesh and bone. Is this reality?  I believe so. If it weren’t the ghost hunting business wouldn’t be so big.

One thing that experiencers have to realize is that until they had the experience, it wasn’t a real phenomena. And so you must be patient with those around you who have not yet had an experience. But once they do, they cross over the line into your world. It may never happen, but more and more people are having unusual experiences and it looks like this is a great awakening of the planet, just as some predicted many years ago.

For those married individuals who have a spouse that cannot or refuses to understand what you have witnessed, and who doesn’t want to discuss it, keep it to yourself. You risk losing your significant other if you insist on bringing up the subject. I’ve seen this happen so many times among paranormal or ET experiencers. The other party is likely afraid of the subject matter, or afraid that you have lost your mind. At some point, you may have to make the break-up decision yourself.

In most cases, people have told me that they were much better off with someone who could relate to their experiences. After all, ongoing visits are something that is a part of your life that is likely never to change. Once you have a handle on that, your world looks different.