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Friday, May 22, 2015

Entity in Burr Oaks Woods?

I received the following e-mail from a man in 2006 which I just ran across again today and thought it would be a good idea to post it on the blog for everyone to see. The next time you go out to Burr Oak don’t go alone! The email is here, in entirety with no editing:

“Hello Margie:  I live here in eastern Jackson County. I heard your radio show today with you and those other ladies about ghostly apparitions and poltergeists activities and so forth. The show was interesting and thought provoking. I have an incident that happened to me about 5 years ago that I want to tell you about.

I have told very few people about this. Two of the people I told since thought I was not telling the truth or maybe I was seeing things and did not take me seriously. I was walking out at a State Park called Burr Oak Woods which I live near.

It was a very cold January day in 2001 and probably about in the nearly 20’s temp wise. I used to take long walks in the woods and I found it very relaxing. I was walking in some very dense forests in that park. After walking through a grove of big oak trees I came into a clearing.  Right in front of me was a man standing a few feet away from me.  What was strange- right away I noticed was that the man was standing with his back to me. I walked two more steps thinking he would turn and maybe say hello or something to that effect. But I immediately had a very strange feeling fall over me.

 I sensed that there was something terribly wrong.  At that point I wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible.  So I started walking away from him, always facing him.  I was really a little scared at this point because he still had his back to me.  I kept on walking backwards until I got about 100 yards or so away from him.  All this time he was still there standing with his back to me. 

Burr Oak Woods  Photo: Google Earth
When I got what I thought was a relatively safe distance away from him I put my binoculars to get a closer look at him.  As soon as I got the binoculars focused on him then at that time he turned around to look at me.  It’s as though he knew I was looking at him with the binoculars.  It was truly one of the most EVIL looking faces I ever saw on a human being. With two bad knees- I took off running and got out of the forest. One other thing that I thought was really strange: It was very cold and all this guy had on was a seemingly thin pair of slacks and a dark gray short=sleeved shirt. I remember the incident as if it were yesterday.

Any thoughts or ideas as to what this might have been I would be grateful to hear.  J. D. Grain Valley, Missouri”

I took a look at a map and Burr Oak Woods is less than a mile away from Lake Tapawingo and Blue Springs Lake, where many strange things have been reported to me over the past few years including bigfoot and UFO sightings, and strange lights in the water. I wonder if the witness did not see a human at all but something else entirely.  Margie Kay

Burr Oak Woods Nature Center
1401 NW Park Rd.
Blue Springs, MO 64015 
Located one mile north of I-70 on Highway 7, then one mile west on Park Road.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Classified Information About Extraterrestrials Woven Into Plot of New Book

Classified Information About Extraterrestrials Woven Into Plot of New Book

Last week, Obama Advisor John Podesta revealed that his biggest regret since leaving office was “keeping the UFO issue a secret.” On February 17, Vostok, a new novel by NY Times bestselling author Steve Alten, blew the lid off those secrets.

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We need to move beyond the human predisposition to view anything which we do not understand or control as intrinsically hostile and threatening.
Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 19, 2015
The author’s source – Steven M. Greer, M.D., the world’s foremost authority on Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) and the same person who provided the extensive briefing to John Podesta on UFOs shortly after President Obama took office in 2009, as seen at
Dr. Greer, an emergency room physician who left his medical career to dedicate his life to disclosing the truth about UFOs, also met with James Woolsey, President Clinton’s first CIA director, along with the heads of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Head of Intelligence Joint Staff, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and a select number of Congressmen.
Dr. Greer states: “Millions of people, including military and civilian personnel with top-security clearances have had encounters with UFOs. These ETs are diplomats from other worlds who seek peaceful relations. The ability to reach out and interact with these advanced beings, however, is dependent solely on our consciousness, intentions and attitudes. In the past, the military has cultivated a civilian reaction which leans toward violence and paranoia. We need to move beyond the human predisposition to view anything which we do not understand or control as intrinsically hostile and threatening.”
Steve Alten incorporated over a dozen hours of private interviews with Dr. Greer into the storyline of Vostok(Rebel Press). Vostok is a very real 15 million-year-old subglacial lake located beneath two-and-a-half miles of ice in East Antarctica. Three scientists are selected to venture into this underwater realm in a submersible. What they discover are Mesozoic life forms… and the remnants of an ET Intelligence that reveals how life was seeded on Earth.
As with any Alten thriller, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction and Dr. Greer’s “forbidden knowledge” is woven seamlessly into the plot, the ramifications of which are often quite disturbing. Vostok exposes a secret transnational Cabal made up of bankers, oil oligarchs, former leaders, and the military industrial complex which has “black-shelved” clean, free energy systems that would literally transform the planet (and the dominant U.S. macro-economy). Alten freely names names, along with the locations of super secret military bases where ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) are harbored and may one day be used in the ultimate false flag event – detailed in Vostok’s plot as a warning of what could transpire should the handful of sociopaths in charge continue to get their way.
On January 27, Alten experienced his own close encounter, along with Dr. Greer and twenty-four other members of a week-long retreat in Vero Beach, Florida. Taught by Dr. Greer, CE-5 (close encounter-5) uses meditation and remote viewing techniques to communicate peaceful intentions to Extraterrestrials. At approximately 9:10 on Tuesday night, an ET ship appeared over the ocean before the group. Minutes later, a second identical ship appeared, each vehicle represented by a brilliant orange light. “It was incredible,” says Alten. “As if two suns had risen at night. Our visitors were letting us know they approved. Moments after they passed back into a higher dimension, two military jets flew in to investigate.”
The close encounter was captured on two powerful night vision cameras and can be viewed on this link:
To watch the Vostok book trailer, click here:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kansas City Lights Remain Unexplained

Press Release
Kansas City Lights Continue

A bright object with spinning bright multiple colors continues to be observed over the skies in Kansas City, Missouri. Multiple witnesses are perplexed.

5/8/2015 Kansas City, Missouri

Since April of 2011 when sightings in the Blue Springs area began to be reported to MUFON Assistant State Director Margie Kay and NUFORC dozens of witnesses have reported seeing this apparently same strange object.  Sometimes more than one appears in the sky at the same time, but normally it is one object which appears to be a disk or sphere shape with multi-colored lights spinning in a clockwise direction.

The lights are “neon” bright and appear as red, green, white, and blue. The latest sighting reported on May 5, was observed in the skies on May 3. In this report, at least 10 witnesses in Gladstone looking south towards Kansas City, Missouri and then west towards Kansas observed the object which hovered in the sky for at least 20 minutes, then moved slowly southwest behind trees.

Photo:  Not a real photo of the object: photos
have been difficult to obtain. 
MUFON investigators Margie Kay, Larry Jordan, and Corey Pearce have observed and filmed the object on numerous evenings, and on two occasions flashed a 1 M candlepower flashlight at it, triggering returning flashes. This indicates that an intelligence of some type is operating the craft.

One witness from Independence, Missouri has been regularly observing the object for three years. He filmed a small UFO in his yard on some of the nights he observed the bright light. On May 3, 2015 a larger craft with spinning lights appeared on his security camera which was aimed at the back yard. The large disk-shaped craft hovered over his trees, then moved away and out of sight. The witness believes that the large craft with the spinning lights on it is the object which is normally seen from far away.

On May 1 - 8, 2015 Witnesses in Gladstone and Independence, Missouri witnessed a flashing light with red, blue, and green lights that remained stationary for hours. One evening it moved slowly out of sight. 

Some YouTube videos show several lights in a formation similar to the Pheonix Lights event in 1997, triggering the “Kansas City Lights”and “Blue Springs Lights” terms to be used for what is being seen over K.C. The lights have appeared on and off at all times of the year for four years with no explanation. Inquiries to the FAA and Whiteman AFB have yielded no results.  MUFON continues the investigation with investigators in the greater K.C. area.


Margie Kay
Assistant State Director, Missouri MUFON