Friday, June 6, 2014

Latest issue of Un-X News is out and FREE

Un-X News

Quarterly news magazine

Covering the latest news in paranormal, UFOs, ET encounters, Time anomalies, Astrology, Bigfoot, Unexplained mysteries, Conspiracies, Chem trails, Elementals, Hauntings, and much more!

Featured writers such as Grant Cameron, Mack Maloney, Linda Berry, Roger Marsh, Chuck Zukowski, Kathleen Marden, Robert Hastings, Dr. Roger Leir, Art Campbell, Barbara Schneider and more!

Our standard features in each issue include a list of paranormal radio shows,
a list of UFO and paranormal organizations and an event calendar.


The latest issue is out!
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Un-X News Magazine Spring 2014 Un-X News Magazine Spring 2014
Feature articles this issue discuss strange animal mutilations in the U.K. and the Midwest, and the San Augustin UFO Crash in 1947. Plus articles on fireballs and orbs, photographing daytime UFOS, UFO at a Springsteen concert, a paranormal highway, and much more. Articles by Art Campbell, Peter J. Morris, Bill Spicer, Margie Kay, Ken Pfieffer, and Jason Offutt.
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