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Kansas City to host Paranormal/UFO Conference August 1-2, 2014

The Kansas City Paracon Paranormal conference will be held August 1-2, 2014 at the Sportsman’s Club at Lake Lotawana, Missouri. Top UFO and Paranormal researchers and authors will present evidence at this event, some of which has never been seen before.
Speakers for the event include UFO crash researcher and author Art Campbell, Crypto-Linguist Scott Nelson, Un-X News Magazine publisher and author Margie Kay, author Jason Offutt, paranormal investigator Hector Lugo, Missouri MUFON State Director Debbie Ziegelmeyer, Founder of Paranormal Warehouse Mike Diamond, Photographer and author Bill Spicer, and paranormal researchers Debbie Miller and Julie Carver. 

Topics will include UFO Crash Evidence, the Joplin Spook Light, Evidence for Bigfoot, The Blue Springs Lights and K.C. UFO Flap, Unidentified Submerged Objects, Paranormal Evidence, and Photographing UFOs. 

Special A la carte events include a UFO Skywatch, a Bigfoot investigation workshop, and a paranormal investigation. The paranormal investigation is limited to 30 people. Door prizes, conference T-shirts, and vendors with unique products will be on site.
The event is hosted by 10th Dimension Paranormal and Missouri MUFON with Hector Lugo and Margie Kay serving as co-directors. This is a fund-raising event for both organizations.  The site was chosen for its close proximity to the many UFO sightings in the area and the fact that the venue is likely haunted. 

Early bird discount for registration by July 1 is $40, $50 after July 1.  Special events are $20 each. Visit for more information and to register. The media is encouraged to attend. Contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 for a press pass, interviews or questions. 

Kansas City Man Finds UFO Crash Site

Art Campbell

Kansas City Man Finds UFO Crash Site

Art Campbell to speak at Paragon UFO conference Aug. 1 and 2 at Blue Springs

We have invited Art Campbell back to the Paragon UFO Conference.  He plans to review many years of fascinating events and finds.  Hear the humorous side of a contact with ex-President Truman.  Learn about early contactee George Adamski, claiming he was taken to Iowa from our own Kansas City train yard.  Art will show a fascinating video of astronaut Ed Mitchell, (Apollo 6) making a UFO disclosure to a British rock radio station.  Art's nephew Joe Cartwright, a well-known Kansas City jazz pianist, does the background music.  

Art brings us very different research and unique materials, not seen at other UFO conferences.  In addition to metallic debris, he has some fascinating finds including a tiny shoe sole.  For the first time, a UFO speaker will show depictions of materials found at the crash site, dealing with UFO anti-gravity.  Art Campbell has been interested in UFO research since the 1950's.  He was an early NICAP investigator and chairman of a NICAP chapter in Kansas City, MO.    Donald E. Keyhoe said:  "It is impossible to name the hundreds who have been outstanding, but I am especially indebted to Richard Hall and Mr. Arthur Campbell of the Kansas City NICAP affiliate."

In 1994, with a map from a local rancher and his wife, Art visited a UFO crash site on The Plains of San Augustin.  He, with his partner, Chuck Wade, have found a phenomenal amount of material and ha it scientifically analyzed.  His book, Finding The UFO Crash at San Augustin, contains nearly 100 photographs,150 pages and detailed lab analyses.

Art and his team's discovery of the San Augustin crash site is exceptional  and over 26 people have been involved in the project since 2004.  He says, "Some researchers get excited about microscopic finds from UFO crashes.  We could cover the bottom of a wheelbarrow with our debris."  Art continues, "Apparently the craft skipped on a nearby hillside and left considerable wreckage."  Art wants conference goers to access the science reports and make up their own minds..  He continues, "It's all there.  We're holding back nothing."  The science reports are available through Art's website He will have a life-size visual display at his table, of the debris, in addition to his talk to the large group.

Art is one of our own.  He graduated from UMKC and the Kansas City Art Institute. Art is a Navy veteran, having served his country during the Korean War at Naval air facilities and the USS Boxer CVA 21.  He is now a retired teacher and school administrator living in Oregon.

Stanton Friedman Suffers Heart Attack

Renowned Ufologist Stanton Friedman suffered a heart attack on Friday Night. Friedman says it was a mild heart attack and he is resting comfortably in the hospital. 

Stanton's nephew, Paul Kimball, said the following:
"So the news has gone public that my uncle Stan Friedman had a heart attack Friday night. I was at our family reunion in Fredericton first thing Saturday morning setting things up when a cousin popped in and informed the few of us there that early of the news. We were, of course, all concerned, but the "show" went on. His immediate family (my aunt Marilyn, my cousin Melissa) made it to the reunion later that afternoon and said that he was doing well in the hospital, and that he was grumpy that he missed the gathering. Quintessential Stan!

He's having some tests done this week. I'm pretty sure that Stan wouldn't want folks to make a big deal of this, and hopefully people will respect his privacy and his family's privacy until he's back in action. Knowing him, I have little doubt that this will be sooner rather than later!"

P.S. Here is a front-page article that ran about Stan in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner this past Saturday, 28 June 2014.

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Latest issue of Un-X News is out and FREE

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Un-X News Magazine Spring 2014 Un-X News Magazine Spring 2014
Feature articles this issue discuss strange animal mutilations in the U.K. and the Midwest, and the San Augustin UFO Crash in 1947. Plus articles on fireballs and orbs, photographing daytime UFOS, UFO at a Springsteen concert, a paranormal highway, and much more. Articles by Art Campbell, Peter J. Morris, Bill Spicer, Margie Kay, Ken Pfieffer, and Jason Offutt.
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1969 UFO sighting at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant just reported to MUFON

Press Release

1969 UFO sighting at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant just reported to MUFON
Missouri MUFON received a report from a witness who saw a large UFO over Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in 1969.  The witness, who was told to keep quiet about the event, recently decided to come forward in order to let the public know that an unidentified object hovered and moved about the plant for two hours in the middle of the night and was witnessed by at least 13 people.

June 6, 2014 Independence, Missouri

Raymond Griggs, age 22 at the time, was living in Independence, Missouri and working as a civilian contractor at Lake City.  Lake City Army Ammunition Plant is a 3,935-acre U.L. government owned, contractor-operated facility located in eastern Independence near 7 Highway and 28 Highway. The plant manufactures ammunition for the military for the U.S. Army. In addition, Lake City performs small caliber ammunition stockpile reliability testing and has ammunition and weapon testing responsibilities as the NATO National and Regional Test Center.

Lake City Army Ammo Plant in Independence, MO
Raymond worked the night shift from midnight to eight O’Clock A.M. in the printing shop. On a hot August night in 1969 the electricity for the entire plant and all buildings suddenly went out, so the crew of seven in his department went outside to cool down. That is when they noticed a UFO.

A bright chrome spherical object hovered just over a building four buildings away from the men’s position. The object then slowly moved over another building across the road and hovered, then continued to zig-zag back and forth across the road from building to building for approximately two hours. The seven men on the crew with Mr. Griggs talked amongst themselves while watching the UFO.  At the same time, several jeeps with MP’s were driving to and from the area very quickly, which is something the men had never witnessed before.

The unidentified object then left the area by shooting up into the sky at a 30 degree angle at an incredible speed. Raymond said that it was gone in ½ of a second, and that solidified the fact that the men were looking at a real UFO and not a military craft of any type. Just as the UFO exited, the electricity came back on.

The next morning, two men arrived at the office that no one had seen before. One was dressed in a gray suit and the other in black. One of the men said to everyone “Remember that you have all signed a security clearance and you did not see anything.” The men then turned and left. They did not introduce themselves or show any identification. The message was clear, and Raymond Griggs kept his mouth shut for 45 years. But after seeing an episode of Hangar 1 in which Missouri was featured as a UFO Hot Spot he decided to come forward with the story.

Missouri MUFON would like for anyone else present at the time of the event or family members who heard a witness talk about it to contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 or She will keep witness information confidential if desired.

Margie Kay
Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON
1134 S Pearl Street
Independence, MO 64050
816-833-1602 (Office M-F 9 - 5 CST, Sat 10 - 3)
816-365-9492 (Cell)
Missouri MUFON

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