Monday, October 14, 2013

Strange Sounds Continue Worldwide

Strange Sounds Continue Worldwide

YouTube is full of recordings and videos of strange sounds still being heard worldwide.  It seems as though there was a bit of a lag for the past few months, but in September the reports started to increase yet again.  People from all over the world—Slovatka, Canada, Russia,  and across the United States have been reporting these unexplained sounds for some time, yet no explanation has been forthcoming from scientists or our governments. 

People report “trumpet-like” sounds, machine-like sounds, strange hums, loud booms, and weird vibrations.  In Kansas City, Missouri witnesses are reporting ongoing low hums that sound like they are coming from underground.  In Clinton, Missouri witnesses heard loud booms over several days, yet no explanation could be found.

In St. Louis, very loud screeching sounds and mechanical noises woke people from their beds and brought them into the streets at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, yet civil authorities claim they know nothing about the cause.

What is causing these inexplicable sounds?  Is our Earth’s core slowing down and causing a shift in the magnetic field?  Are the recent solar flares responsible for electro-magnetic field changes?    Or is it sounds of the apocalypse?  

The deafening silence from our government may be an indication that SOMETHING IS UP. 

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