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Scientist W. C. Levengood Leaves Legacy for Crop Circle and UFO Researchers

Biophysicist Dr. W. C. “Lefty” Leavengood passed away September 28, 3013 at his home in Grass Lake, Michigan with friends nearby. Levengood was a retired member of the Physics Department of the University of Michigan, and a former professor of Biophysics at the Institute of Science and Technology.

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Willaim Levengood was the owner of Pinelandia Biophysics Laboratory in Grass Lake Michigan and was well known for his pioneering work in the area of plant biology. Leavengood studied plants found in crop formations, doing biochemical and biophysical analysis of plants and soil anomalies. He printed his findings in the journal Physiologia Plantarum in 1994 and 1999.

In his 1994 paper Levengood found that certain deformities in the grain inside the circles were correlated to the position of the grain inside the circle. Among his findings were that bent plants produced five times the normal amount of seed compared to plants outside a crop circle. He also found that plant stems appeared to be blown out from the inside, indicating that the plant had been exposed to microwave radiation. He found similar traits in crops at cow mutilation and UFO landing sites. Levengood also wrote the paper “A Study of Bovine Excision Sites from 1993 to 1997,” published  through his laboratory.

W. C. Leavengood in his lab with Edd Edwards
Courtesy of Edd Edwards
Leavengood tested and studied individuals who have been in contact with ET's and people like Edd Edwards, finding that he and others like him were able to produce high levels of energy which may facilitate healing and other actions. Levengood discovered glassy particles in the dust of individual's homes who suspected they had ET contact. His paper “Evidence for Charge Density Pulses Associated with Bioelectric Fields in Living Organisms,” (Journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine) covers this subject.

Levengood was commended by researchers in the UFO and Crop Circle community for his serious study of anomalous phenomena. He was one of only a few researchers worldwide with an impressive list of credentials, well-respected in academia, who breached normal protocol to cross the line into uncommon study.

William C. Levengood was a consultant for BLT Research Team, Inc., headed by Nancy Talbott.  BLT Research supplied many of the plants for  study. Their combined paper “Dispersion of energies in worldwide crop formations” and other scientific papers are available at

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