Monday, September 30, 2013

Strange Booms Continue Worldwide

Loud booms continue worldwide, most recently in Bratislava, Slovatka, Twin Falls, Idaho,  and North Whidbey, Washington.

Witnesses describe loud rumbling sounds, and feeling an earthquake.  However, the USGS and local collages report that no earthquakes occurred at the times the loud booms were reported, and local National Guard airports say they are not the source.

Slovatka: On September 19, 2013 at 2:30 a.m.loud unexplained sounds caused Bratislava residents to leave their homes looking for the source of the noise, which repeated less than 30 minutes later. The sounds lasted for several minutes each time. Local police received 158 reports from citizens wanting answers to the deafening sounds. Police were unable to discover the source of the noises.
Idaho: On September 23, 2013 between 8:15 and 8:30 p.m., several residents heard a loud rumbling sound that rattled windows. Christy Taylor heard a loud rumbling noise but assumed it was a sonic boom because "the ground didn't really shake" and she thought the sound came from above.

Washington: On Wednesday, Sept 25, 2013, a loud boom rattled the city of North Whidbey in Washington state. Around 10:45 a.m., the county sheriff's department and the Oak Harbor Police Department, received hundreds of calls from local residents who reported loud booms and ground shaking in the Crescent Harbor and Oak Harbor areas.

Repots such as these have been coming in from all over the world since November of 2011 when the first report was posted from Sweden. See,

Missouri residents have reported loud booms and low vibrations for more than 18 months.  Missouri State Director of MUFON Debbie Ziegelmeyer was able to obtain a recording of very loud sounds that awoke her entire neighborhood in early morning hours in April of 2012.  The sounds seemed to be coming from the air, according to Debbie.  After contacting the local fire department, police, and sewage treatment plant for a source of the sounds, no explanation could be found.

Residents in the greater Kansas City area and Clinton, Missouri are hearing loud booms from the air and a low-pitched rumbling sound that can only be heard late at night when it is very quiet.  The rumbling sounds like it is coming from under the earth.

Could these strange, unidentifiable sounds be coming from the Earth?  Is it possible that the earth's magnetic field is being disrupted by the close proximity of  Planet X (Nibiru)?  Some believe that loud sound occur during the movement of tectonic plates.

The Zetas of ZetaTalk say that the mechanism producing the loud booms is similar to clapping air masses that produce thunder or a sonic boom. In the case of loud booms, air or water rushes in to fill a void created by earth movements and claps together, creating a loud boom. The Zetas of ZetaTalk predicted many years ago that trumpet-like sounds would be heard in "stretch" zones of the world prior to the coming pole shift.  According to the Zetas, vibrating ground creates the trumpet-like and harmonic sounds, which also involve air movement. Once a person witnesses these strange noises it is easier to believe that something big is about to happen such as a major Earth catastrophe like a pole shift, whether it is caused by Planet X or a naturally occurring cyclical event.

Another plausible explanation is that HAARP is doing meteorological experiments worldwide by the U.S. government.  There is no question that they have been doing these experiments for some time - is it possible that something has gone terribly wrong?