Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. Passes August 24

One of the most outspoken people in ufology, Col. Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., died on August 24, 2013 at home while reading a book on UFOs.  Dr. Marcel was the son of Major Jesse Marcel, Sr. who investigated the Roswell, New Mexico debris field site in 1947.

I had the opportunity to interview Jesse in 2011 when he spoke at the OZ UFO Conference in Lawrence, Kansas.  Jesse said that his father stopped at their home late one evening to show him something from "out of this world," which included a metallic substance that returned to its original shape when crumpled and could not be cut or damaged in any way.  Other items included something resembling small I-beams with strange symbols on them.  In later years, Jesse drew the symbols from memory and had replicas made of the I-beams. 

Dr. Jesse Marcel served as a flight surgeon in Iraq at the age of 68, and served two tours of duty, where he sustained injuries to his legs.  He wore braces in order to walk.  I was amazed at the man's stamina and being able to serve in the military at his advanced age, but he was a real patriot and wanted to serve his country.  He was unable to maintain his private medical practice after returning from the Iraq war.

Jesse Marcel spoke at the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. last May, where he related his first-hand account of what he witnessed in 1947.  There were few first-hand witnesses at the hearing, and having Marcel's testimony went a long way.  He traveled the UFO circuit, speaking at conferences about the items he handled to large crowds, and he told me that he did so without repercussions from any government agency. 

Jesse Marcel witnessed a UFO: Jesse also told me that he witnessed a UFO while on his last tour in Iraq while flying in a helicopter, with a second helicopter not far away, a large ball of bright light came up between the two aircraft and remained there for a few seconds, then shot off at an enormous rate of speed.  "It wasn't one of ours," Jesse said. 

I'll put the interview up on YouTube shortly.

The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site Paperback

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

UFOs with multi-colored lights reported and filmed in Missouri

There have been a number of sightings of similar objects since April of 2012 in Missouri.  These are often described as multi-colored bright objects, larger than planets, stationary in the sky for hours, or moving slowly over a period of time (but still faster than all of the stars in the sky), and often disappearing or in some cases shooting off very quickly across the sky and returning to the same location.  Some of these have been reported to have arms or appendages with smaller objects coming and going.  Laser like lights have also been reported.

Location of Blue Springs Sightings
This all started in April, 2012 when an entire Blue Springs neighborhood saw a light in the direction of Independence for two weeks before reporting it to MUFON.  This was covered by KCTV 5 News, who did three interviews with me and the witnesses, and took footage of two objects.  The news reporter, Dave Jordan, witnessed one object remain in the same position for two hours then shoot across the sky, leaving a red trail, and back again to the same location in a matter of seconds.  The camera operator was so frightened that she refused to return the next night.  I saw that object the next night while the reporter watched, and continued to see it in the skies off and on for months. Another investigator and I also witnessed bright laser beam like flashes in the sky.

Here is the most recent report from Springfield, MO on August 18:
"It was about 11 pm I went outside on my front porch to have a cigarette. This is a nightly routine of mine. I always look at the sky and like to look at the stars. I am very familiar with the nightly appearance of where the big dipper, little dipper, north star, etc. are located. I noticed right away a bright light in the west. At first I thought it was probably a satellite, which I have seen before. Then I noticed this was a lot different it seemed to be blinking and pulsating very rapidly and was completely stationary. I watched about 4 mins and decided to get my binoculars and see if I could get a better look. As soon as I got a closer look I was really taken aback. It was blinking with a rainbow of colors and pulsating. It would get brighter at times. I immediately called out for my 20 yr old son who was playing a video game and told him to take a look. He looked at it first with the naked eye. His response was " What the hell is that"? I handed him the binoculars and told him to look closer. He saw the same thing I did. We watched it for about ten minutes. It never moved, we saw a plane in the same  area of the object. My son kept saying" Ok, move damn it" After 15 mins and no change we stopped watching it. I went back outside to take another look after getting on my pc to see if I could find anyone else that was seeing the same thing. It was completely gone. No cloud cover as I could still see all the other stars as before. That's it! We have no idea what it was but we have never seen anything like it before. I do not have a camera that was able to capture a pic. I don't think it would have done any good."
A witness in Independence has now obtained footage of communication with a similar object that appears in the sky on an almost nightly basis.  He built an led binary light board and sends messages, and flashes a 1m candlepower flashlight at it.  He obtained a response from the object, which he got on film and showed at the Kansas City MUFON meeting on August 12.  I have been investigating this case since the beginning along with Larry Jordan, and I have seen the object with my own eyes.  The witness has a blog at, where he shows his films.
Similar objects have been spotted in Raytown, Blue Springs, Independence, Lee's Summit, Kansas City, Seymour, Springfield, Rich Hill, Joplin, Butler, and other areas and in other states.

At first the objects may seem to be just a planet or star based on the witnesses description.  I urge all investigators to get very clear descriptions from witnesses, and to attempt to get your own photo or video as these objects often return to the same location night after night.  Check your sky map to rule out bright stars or planets. Video should be taken with a tripod. High powered binoculars seem to work best for viewing if they are on a tripod.  I have not been able to see the objects through a telescope.

Report UFOs to

Margie Kay
Assistant State Director
Missouri MUFON

Thursday, August 1, 2013

More mutilations reported in Missouri and Arkansas

After the recent release of the three cow mutilations on one ranch in Henry County, Missouri, other people have come forward to report their own cases.  Margie Kay received several calls on July 31, 2013 from ranchers or others who had similar experiences with their animals.

July 31, 2013: A rancher near the same ranch named above reported two dead and mutilated cows on her property in the past couple of days.  No further details are available as of yet - we are waiting for a return phone call.

July 25, 2013: A witness to a UFO event reports seeing a UFO in Northern Arkansas off of I-49 (Old 71 Hwy) just over the Missouri state line.  The witness and passenger stopped to view the UFO, which was hoovering in a nearby field.  As they got out of the car a raccoon came running from the area where the UFO was located and into the street. The animal's left front leg was cut off and apparently cauterized.  The couple attempted to capture the animal but were unsuccessful.  Their attention was once again turned towards the UFO and they lost sight of the animal. Margie suggested they report the UFO incident to

2010: A representative from a Missouri Livestock Auction reports that he spoke to a couple from Harrisonville, Missouri who found three healthy Black Angus cows mutilated on their property on the same day.  No further details are available at this time.  

April or May, 1975: A rancher near Cole Camp, Missouri reported that two healthy young Black Angus cows were found mutilated on his property in the spring of 1975.  He remembers the event as if it were yesterday.  The man was 17 years of age at the time, and was driving a four-wheeler through the 120 acre ranch when he happened upon the dead animals.  The owners called law enforcement and the State Fair, who in turn called the State Veterinarian to investigate the incident.  The veterinarian said that he could not explain the precise, surgical cuts on the animal or the cause of death.  The compete udders, anus', and vulva were surgically removed.  No blood or fluids were found on the ground near the animals, who were in close proximity to each other.  The incident was reported in the Sedalia Democrat newspaper, however, the newspaper reported that the cows were killed by coyotes, rather than stating that the incident was unexplained.