Friday, February 15, 2013

An Introduction to The Resistance

By Lorin Cutts

Sometime around the middle of 2012 I began to notice that a colleague of mine at the Global Radio Alliance, Chase Kloetzke, was leaving remarks on Facebook about being fed up with how the mainstream media mishandles serious paranormal and UFO research. Chase's comments were notable given her impressive credentials in this subject: 20 years with the Department of Defense, and then serving as the manager of the MUFON Star Team during a difficult transitional period for the organization.  

I wondered what had happened to Chase to make her so critical of the media. The UFO subject has definitely had an uncomfortable relationship with the mainstream media; more often than not it is seen as entertainment rather than serious news worthy of the investigative coverage afforded to other subjects. Chase's views struck a chord with me, since I have had several negative experiences with media coverage of this subject.  In 1996 a case I was investigating had been sold to the general public by the mainstream press as nothing more than the planet Venus, and a multiple radar return was explained away as a cathedral spire. There are obviously thousands of tales just like this and it begs two questions:  is this part of a cohesive cover up of unexplainable event data and, if so, how is this being executed on such a large scale?

Chase Kloetske
With all of this in mind, I approached Chase in October and suggested we form an official campaign ... and The Resistance was born. We launched a Facebook page ( right before I went on a trip abroad for a few weeks.  The timing was awkward, but offered a twist of fate as one of the people I would be staying with in London is an executive at the BBC… "sleeping with the enemy" as my friend Race Hobbs put it!
After talking to Chase about the experiences that formed her views I learned that, that among many other things, Chase was approached about a year ago regarding the filming of a pilot for a TV show– as then untitled.

"They sent me over the script and I was like – you have to be kidding me. They wanted me in a tank top and waist level in a river – pretending there were snakes in there to add drama as we went about our UFO investigation." Chase Kloetzke

A suspiciously similar TV show was aired in the summer of 2012 – possibly one of the least credible and most over the top UFO shows ever created by the mainstream media – Chasing UFOs.  Is this really the kind of garbage that we have to endure over such a potential significant subject?
In May of 2012, Renegade Productions, a production company working under contract to the BBC received a lot of attention after most of the 12 participants and film crew were detained facedown at gunpoint at a security gate within the Area 51 facility in Nevada. They had all ignored the "use of deadly force authorized" signs and were within the base perimeter.  This event and the documentary "UFO Conspiracy Road Trip" received some attention in the national press in the UK and in the UFO research community and I asked my executive friend from the BBC (who prefers not to be named) about this sorry episode.

"What everyone has to realize is that any documentary that is being made for BBC3 isn’t going to be a serious documentary. The demographic for this channel is early 20’s up to 35 and a documentary about UFOs on BBC3 was never going to be a serious documentary – it is going to be purely for entertainment".

The presenter of the documentary, comedian Andrew Maxwell, seemed to believe that this was more than just entertainment. “Luckily, when the sheriffs turned up this deputy had a sense of humour. It had been rung through to him that I was an Irish comedian leading these UFO nutjobs, that I didn’t believe any of it and was there to DEBUNK it for the BBC.” (reference:
This just adds insult to injury: putting the lives of UFO experiencers and researchers at risk under the pretext of entertainment, which is then used to attempt debunk the subject? It’s not hard to see why getting involved in such projects is potentially very damaging for the seriousness and credibility of this subject.

Richard Dolan did an excellent expose of this whole affair on his "Truth Out Radio" show.  His interview with Franky Ma, the only participant who did not get detained at Area 51, is available on the Global Radio Alliance’s archives at
At the opposite end of the scale was the well-made and sadly missed "UFO Hunters". One of the stars of this show, Pat Uskert, was one of the first people to join our campaign.  Pat has said that the finished version of the show was vastly different from his original demo called "UFO Road Trip". (This is available to view on YouTube and it's interesting to make a comparison between the two shows.)  Pat was critical of his experience of being put through the TV Machine: 
"What is happening on TV is designed entirely around ratings. It is sensationalism to attract bigger audiences for more advertising. You won't find truth there."

Peter Robbins
Peter Robbins has also done some sterling work regarding the historical aspect of UFOs and their treatment in the mainstream media. He has lectured extensively on this subject and his data indicates that there does appear to be a very clear campaign to misinform the public via the mainstream media from the very birth of the modern UFO era. Peter says “But what they are is another question. A question, it seems, which is never accorded the courtesy of an honest answer. And so the shell game has continued down through the decades."
We need to change this.  We aren't calling for a boycott of mainstream media participation, but we can all exercise judgment when approached to appear on TV, documentaries, and other media projects.  If you feel passionately about this subject and want to see it presented in a serious and respectful way, then don’t participate in shows that are going to bring the subject into disrepute.  Let’s all be mindful and not contribute  - as much as feasibly possible - to anything that could potentially be a hatchet job or sensationalistic reality TV made strictly for entertainment. They do nothing to advance the credibility of this subject, and provide ammunition for people who want to ridicule it.

Don’t become complicit in the cover up.  Utilize alternative media sources as much as possible. We all have a responsibility to take this subject out of the tabloid hit pieces and find other ways to get it into the homes of everyday people so it is shown in a respectful and serious light.   We know there is an enormous interest in this subject:  Google currently returns over 248 million hits on the search term "UFO".  It’s time to wake up and get serious about the media’s mishandling of what is potentially the biggest story of our time.

The Ley Line and UFO Connection

By Carol Butler

Native Americans say they are Spirit lines, the Druids called them Mystical Lines, and the Eastern countries call them Dragon lines. Australia's aboriginal people called them dream lines. What ever name they answer to, one thing is for certain: What we call Ley Lines are real and criss-cross the world like an ancient map.
   What they are and where they came from is up for interpretation, yet the one thing most cultures and countries agree on is that these lines are hundreds of thousands of years old, and where they intersect, there are great power surges. Where great numbers of ley lines intersect, there is often an inordinate amount of not only paranormal phenomena, but also UFO activity. Is it the power of these spirit lines that draw extra terrestrials to them, or is tit he UFO's themselves that magnify the power in the intercepting lines?

A ley line is a straight fault line in the earths tectonic plates according to scientists. It is thought that when the tectonic plates move, small cracks form in the earth that releases the energy in the ley lines. American Indian Shaman's tell us the Sky Gods instructed them to use the electromagnetic energy to help them contact spirits, and that the medicine wheel was designed on ley lines because they followed a straight round line. According to the Welsh-Dragon, or Ley lines, could be either light or dark. Covens have been known to gather and practice black rituals, that can “blacken” the positive energy of ley lines, causing them to negatively affect the area where ley lines intersect. Paranormal author Andy Collins, author of “Black Alchemist” has said people of hex go around blacking ley lines, and he believes this is the cause of a great wind that caused damage through the UK in 1987.
   In the 1970's, a coven of dark witches has been said to blacken four intersecting ley lines in a small Yorkshire mill town that caused the disappearance of all woodland in the area until a coven of white witches cleansed the area in 1996. The Welsh call these dragon lines because they believe the white dragon exudes all that is good and wholesome in the world, while the black dragon represents what is bad in the world, akin to the Eastern beliefs of the Ying and the Yang, the dark and the light.

A stone, called a Swastika stone, is believed to have more than twenty ley lines intersecting through it, giving it great energy.  
It is on Ilkley moor in Yorkshire, and is the oldest Swastika found in Europe, predating modern Swastika by millennia. It is thought to have been carved perhaps by the Celts in the Romano-British era. The fact that the cups in the stone align north-south and east-west gives speculation that it is actually an old Sanskrit of a star planetary system, and would have been used by a Shaman in his rituals and religious ceremonies. Without a doubt, it far predates the druids and what they knew of ley lines. They say this rock is the most interesting one carved on the moor.
Which brings us to the question of how this fits in with UFO abduction and paranormal phenomena in areas saturated with ley lines. Most areas known to have UFO sightings also seem to have heavy ley line intersections. This has been proven by dowsing for ley lines in those areas.
   Ley line intersections seem to be a prominent placement in UFO hotspots, and also in areas where paranormal activity is reported. While areas without a predominance of ley lines have UFO/paranormal activities, these activities don't seem as prevalent in those places. Most abductions by UFO/extra terrestrials happen in places over ley lines. Yorkshire, with it's myriad criss/cross of ley lines has had an inordinate amount of abduction reports, as well as paranormal activity and UFO sightings.
   According to an article in UFO Encounters magazine, “The Yorkshire Triangle” UFO and paranormal activity seemed to happen more frequently where ley lines formed a perfect equilateral triangle. The activity seemed to be drawn to the ley lines as a magnet is to metal. This same author noticed the abductions and paranormal activity were happening with greater frequency over ley line areas that had been blacked by occult practices.
Stonehenge is part of a long ley line that is more than 30 kilometers. Ley lines, while invisible, align landmarks such as stone circles, pagan alters and burial sights. Churches, holy wells and hilltops are also points on ley lines. The theory is that they might have been laid out by line of sight on a sort of mystical or magnetic energy areas in the prehistoric times. Others say these lines are simply ancient line of sight travels, prehistoric roadways, as it were, that enabled cave dwellers easy access over rough terrain.
So, what does it feel like when one stands on a ley line? Regardless of where they run, through open fields or under houses and streams, the feeling is compared to the Ying and the Yang. Some use it for healing purposes, but when very close or on top of the ley line it causes a feeling of hyperactivity. If the person is already a hyper person, this could lead to feelings of instability. Debilitated persons would feel a surge of healing power through out their body.
   Negative ley lines will result in tension, anxiety, and some types of neurosis, especially if the person is akin to neurotic feelings. Standing over a ley line is said to cause an energizing feeling, fuzziness, seeing a light, and a feeling of dizziness, as ley lines are part of the earths energy system. The word Ley comes indirectly from
leoht, which means light illumination, and lea, meaning pasture or meadow land open to the sun. Ley lines are related to light as they are a cosmic force with extra terrestrial origins that penetrate the earth to a depth of 265 feet.
Since intersecting ley lines contain mass amounts of energy, it is not unthinkable that they are able to magnify human energy, thus giving what would seem to be supernatural powers to us mere mortals. While I personally to not believe a talisman or an amulet gives us power beyond the power of faith, I do believe the powers within us can be greatly attuned and magnified by the powers the earth has to offer. We are born to this planet, and the powers that lie beneath the surface are ours to claim and make use of.
 The next time you feel a tingle, a slight surge or an awareness not previously known, stop and reflect on the wonders this world has yet to offer, then accept the light that has begun to penetrate your spirit.          

Paranormal Hot Spot in Piedmont MO

This is a short film I put together about a paranormal hot spot in Piedmont Missouori.  I've been investigating this for three years and plan to visit the site soon.  The photos were obtained from the land owner, who set up a hunter camera on her property.

I hope you enjoy it.