Monday, June 25, 2012

Multiple Reports of Unexplained Red/Orange Objects Over Missouri Perplex Investigators

UFO researchers in Missouri say that multiple witnesses have reported Red, Orange, and Red-orange objects in the night skies. The Missouri chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the National UFO Reporting Center, and QUEST Investigation Group representatives are concerned about the number of sightings and the strange appearance of the objects.

Kansas City, Missouri June 25, 2012

UFO researcher Margie Kay said that she has received reports from Parkville, Liberty, Kansas City, Independence, Blue Springs in the greater Kansas City area as well as locations in central Missouri, Joplin, Springfield, St. Louis, and Cape Girardeau. The reports all have several things in common: They are all low flying objects at or near the tree line, are red or orange in color, appear solid, have a glowing light from within, emit no sound, and are described as spherical, round or orb shaped. In most cases, the objects move about in different directions, some against the wind, then disappear below the tree line.

Margie Kay witnessed one of these objects on the evening of June 23. As she was driving home at 9:00 PM she saw an orange/red orb crossing 23rd street in Independence near the intersection at Sterling at approximately 100' above the ground. The object went down among trees. She searched the area, but was unable to locate the object again. This is very near 19th and Sterling, where another witness reported six red balls of light in her back yard last week.

No video or still photos have been received to date.

This type of object has been reported by witnesses in the past, with one of the biggest reporting dates being July 4 every year. Some of these sightings can be explained as Sky Lanterns, which are a lightweight paper lantern with a candle in the base. These are usually airborne for about 20 minutes, fly with the wind, then go out. UFO investigators are bracing for more reports of Sky Lanterns soon.

Orange orb in Kansas City, MO captured with a cell phone camera in 2011
Since May 1, 2012, MUFON has received 19 reports, the National UFO Reporting Center has received six reports, and Quest Investigation Group has received seven reports of this type of object. Witnesses describe the shapes as being orbs, spheres, eggs, and fireballs.

Margie Kay would like to hear from witnesses who have seen unexplained flying objects. Contact Margie at

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