Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UFO in Independence, MO March 18 with photos

I was driving east on 23rd street in Independence, MO between Noland Road and Crysler on Sunday, March 18 at dusk, when I suddenly had the urge to take pictures of the sky.  I sensed that something was there, but did not see anything with the naked eye. 

I grabbed my small Sony HD Bloggie camera and took a few shots through the windshield while driving.  I forgot about the incident until today when I downloaded all of the photos from the camera and went through them.  These three shots are the only ones in the series that show anything unusual.  The second shot is very blurry, but if you look at the photos in sequence you can clearly see that there is a well-lit object moving from north to south across the highway and just under or just inside the cloud bank.  I need to do some checking to see what the cloud ceiling was.
Photo #1 - UFO in center of photo -  copyright 2012 by Margie Kay
 I don't believe this was an artifact because it changes position.

Photo #2 - UFO  at left side of photo (blurry) copyright 2012 by Margie Kay
 Note the large bright object to the left of the photo underneath the UFO - I don't have an explantion for that, either.  There is an orb-looking object in the center of the photo that is probably a light refraction.
Photo #3 - UFO at left side of photo copyright 2012 by Margie Kay
This one is very clear and it has moved across the highway at this point. I took the pictures as driving along on 23rd street so they are all viewed from the same direction.  Note the other smaller lights in the sky as well.  I'm not sure what those are.  All of the pictures were taken within a 60 second or less time span - I believe they were no more than 5-10 seconds apart.  My camera does not have tenths of a second on it so I can't be sure of the exact time.