Friday, September 30, 2011

The Veil is Thin

Fall brings cool, crisp air, pumpkin pie, Halloween revelers, and ghosts.  I’m not talking about the trick-or-treating ghosts looking for candy.  What I’m referring to are the real spirits of those who have passed over to the “other world.”   Call them specters, apparitions, spirits, or whatever you prefer, the bottom line is that it is easier to contact spirits during the Fall months than any other time of the year. 

The Fall equinox is more than a celestial event marking the crossing of the sun over the celestial equator, moving southward, and causing the day and night hours to be roughly equal.  Soon after, the days begin to get shorter and the nights longer.   Fall brings more than that. 

According to ancient traditions the veil between the World of Form and the World of Spirit is thinnest.  Contact with the “other side” is easier, according to many mediums and psychics.  It is an ideal time to work on past life regression, astral travel, meditation, divination, spiritual work, and communication with spiritual entities.

Spirits often attempt to reach out and contact those of us still in physical form during this time.  Many people who normally do not contact spirits have received communication from loved ones during this time of the year.   For example, Susan Whitcolm of Witchita, Kansas lost her sister to cancer in 2003.  That night, while talking to a friend over a cup of tea the tea pot started shaking, then it slowly moved across the table to the center, right between the two women.  Although Susan had never seen ghostly activity before, she believes that this was a sign from her sister that she was OK.  Having tea was one of Susan’s sister’s favorite things to do. 

I’m sometimes asked to contact spirits for people who want to communicate with their loved ones.  This is one of the things I’ve practiced for a long time, and can do it any time of the year, but when Fall arrives I look forward to easier and faster communications with the spirit world.
This form of communication that I do is not the only method, however.  Communication Dreams can happen to anyone.  Those who have passed on have the ability to meet with us in a dream state, especially during the Fall.  Even Aristotle mentioned that spirits of the departed may speak to us in this manner. 

According to Kevin Kovelant, a consciousness studies professor at JFK University, visitation dreams feel more realistic with clarity, focus, and steadiness of mind.  There is very little plot and the narrative consists of the interaction between the dream ego and the deceased person. Strong emotions are often reported along with a hug or touch, and the dreamer may sense a weight or presence on their bed.

Why do spirits communicate with us? The most common reasons are that the spirit has come for some unfinished business  Often this involves a lost will or letter, a warning about the health of a loved one, some type of helpful information, or to resolve a wrong done to the spirit.  If a resolution is found, often the spirit will go on and won’t return to our world.

If you’ve been thinking about communicating with a loved one who has passed on, perhaps now is the best time. 

Margie Kay is the author of The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide and other books.  Visit for more information. 

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