Friday, September 30, 2011

UFO Sightings Increase

There has been a steady rise in the number of UFO sighting reports in the past few months across the United States.  MUFON received 1,013 sighting reports during the month of August, which was more than double the 492 reports in July.  The National UFO Reporting Center posts numbers of 663 in July and 334 in August. 

My office has been receiving four times the normal rate of UFO reports for Missouri and part of Kansas since mid-April.  Some of the reports were identified objects including Sky Lanterns and a professional night skydiving team.  However, most of the reports cannot be explained and do not look or behave like private or commercial planes, military jets, blimps, balloons, or helicopters. 

One case involves a group of six people visiting Kansas City.  The travelers were leaving the Liberty Memorial when they noticed an odd glowing sphere being chased by a helicopter.  The golden ball of light made many twists and turns, while the helicopter maneuvered itself to follow it. 

Another case involved an insurance executive and three other unrelated persons who stopped at the side of I-435 Highway in Kansas City, Missouri to view a group of orange globes.  The globes appeared to shoot out of something unseen at tree level at approximately 70 miles per hour, then move into a cloud at the same location.  One witness provided photographs.

Early the next morning and unrelated witness who was traveling with four other people saw a huge silver disc shaped UFO over Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  The craft moved slowly away from them and off into the distance.  The week before this incident Apache Helicopters, fully armed, appeared to be searching the area night and day for six days.  This was confirmed by several other witnesses. 

I’ve received multiple reports of orange orbs or globes, usually glowing and self-illuminated.  Most move along a straight-line path, or make intelligent maneuvers. This phenomena is occurring worldwide and is a concern to many investigators.  Some of the theories about what these odd objects are include probes form larger ships and unidentified life forms.  A recent effort among investigators may get to the bottom of the phenomena.

Of larger concern is the increase in abduction reports by witnesses who have been long-time UFO experiencers and first-time experiencers alike.  Normally, I receive only 1 report of this nature in a three-month period with little evidence.  However, since April of this year, I’ve received 11 reports of possible abductions.  Some of these incidents involve evidence such as nightgowns found inside out upon waking, large wounds on the body, scratch marks, missing items from the home, missing time, and persons finding themselves outside in the middle of the night with no explanation. 

UFO sightings aren’t the only thing that has increased as of late.  Paranormal activity is also on the rise, according to several Paranormal researchers.  Witnesses report new paranormal phenomena in their homes and businesses, whether they have had past experiences or not.

Among the theories for the seemingly stepped up activity on both fronts is our physical location in the Universe.  We are moving towards a new position in the Universe, culminating with an alignment with the center of the galaxy on December 21, 2012.  Some believe that this coincides with an increased level of consciousness, which opens the mind and allows people to see more of the world around them.  If this theory is correct,  we should continue to see a rise in Paranormal events, including UFO sighting reports and close encounters in the coming year worldwide.                          END

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