Friday, September 30, 2011

Remote Viewing Results on the San Augustin Artifacts

After spending the day interviewing Art Campbell during his visit to Kansas City in September of 2009, Art mentioned that he had some artifacts with him from the San Augustin crash site, and asked if I’d like to remote view the objects to see what I could find out about them.  I had no knowledge of these artifacts and was very curious about them. 

   Art handed me each object, which was sealed in a Plexiglas container, one at a time.  The first item was a tan color object that looked like it had once been larger and had collapsed.  The instant Art handed it to me I felt myself as a short alien being with a heart in my abdomen, rather than in my chest.  I “saw” a thin copper wire attached to the heart and to a metallic button on the outside of a blue uniform. Art and others believe that this object was a heart.

  The second object was what I thought was part of the flat button that used to be part of the uniform.

   The third object was a tiny shoe sole, but at the time I did not get any information about it. With remote viewing, sometimes the information comes later, which is what happened in this case. 

     A couple of months ago, I was thinking about this case and had a dream about a little girl in Los Angeles who was carrying a doll, and was taken by aliens in a UFO. 

     This girl and her doll were on the craft when it crashed at San Augustin.  I experienced the crash, and heard two alien beings yelling about crashing.  It was unavoidable. Something happened suddenly that caused the crash and they could not maneuver out of it before hitting the ground.  There was some reference to “earth beings” causing the crash with a new device.

     The human child was on the UFO when it crashed.  I saw one alien—the pilot—crushed during the accident.  The shoe sole is a mystery, though.  It has a natural rubber sole with nine layers of cotton and other unknown substances.  It is not leather and it is shaped strangely for a human foot. Art does not believe it belongs to a child’s or doll’s shoe.  I am of the opinion that the sole is either from an alien shoe or the doll’s shoe.

     Imagine my surprise when Art contacted me recently and said that he found some old unprinted color negatives of some starch residue inside the possible body part.  He had prints made and saw a blue fiber in one of the photos!       

    What does this tell us about remote viewing? Quite simply, that sometimes remote viewers can help UFO investigators find answers to their questions.  RV work is not always 100% accurate, but it can be another tool to use to solve mysteries.

     I use this technique when doing my own UFO and paranormal Investigations, and sometimes relive an experience that someone else had. By doing so I know what others have gone through.

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