Friday, September 30, 2011

Haunted Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence, MO

Mound Grove Cemetery
1818 N River Blvd. Independence, MO 64050

Some people would say we are nuts for visiting graveyards on Halloween night and they may be right, but what better time to see ghosts that might be lingering?  The reason we investigated this location was because of an incident that R.T. had several years earlier.  She was 16 years old and had just had a fight with her boyfriend.  R.T. decided to drive to the Mill Creek Cemetery to be alone and think. So for whatever reason, R.T. got out of her car and walked through the cemetery at—yes– midnight on Halloween.

     R.T. found a nice spot next to a tree and sat down.  She was approximately 200 yards from the
front gate. No one else was around (who would be?) and it was a very quiet, moonlit night.  R. closed her eyes and meditated for a few minutes.  The thought occurred to her that up to this point she had never actually seen a ghost, although people around her could and she felt somewhat jealous of them.  She thought “What better time and place to see a ghost?” and said out loud “If there is such thing as ghosts, show yourself to me right now!”
     Right on cue, a white apparition appeared over the hill.  R. couldn’t believe it, but she stood up and stared at it to be sure.  It moved towards her.  Now she could see that this was the apparition of a woman wearing a long white nightgown. She had no feet and glided through the air.  Panicked,  R. started walking toward the car.  The ghost followed.  R. then started running, and glancing back she saw that the spirit moved faster towards her.  Finally reaching the car, R. looked back and the ghost slowly faded away at the gate of the cemetery.  It seems she could not go past the gate. 
Our investigation: Our team of five including me, Rachel, Mia, Jamyi, and Donna decided to see if we could get the lady ghost to appear again so we could get her on film. We arrived at the cemetery at 11 p.m., once again on Halloween night, and walked in through the front gate. We agreed to stay together at all times for safety. I started by the entrance and filmed graves in the immediate area with my infra-red camera. Mia took the digital camera and took several shots because sometimes we are able to get imaged of orbs or spirits on film that are not visible to the naked eye. This evening we saw a fog and blue lights appear over some of the graves, but the fog and lights are not visible on the film. No apparitions made their appearance at that time.
We moved further into the park, and as we did so it got darker since we no longer had the streetlights illuminating the area. The moon was out so that helped a bit. As our eyes became accustomed to the dark we could see better. After a while, Donna and I decided to stay behind while Mia, Rachel, and Jamyi walked further on. For some reason, we forgot all about our agreement to stay together. Big mistake.
I looked around at some of the local gravestones and took notes. Donna and I felt the presence of a couple of spirits but nothing materialized. I did some filming, and after what seemed like 45 minutes, I called out for our missing team members. They did not answer. I walked a little way down the road where it was very dark and called again. I heard Mia’s voice answer me and saw what I thought was her dark, shadowy figure walking towards me on the small paved road.
After a minute, the three women appeared at the top of the hill. I then realized that the black shadow walking towards me and the person who answered me was NOT Mia.
I walked backwards away from the entity, and told the three women to look at the bottom of the hill where they all saw the dark apparition of a man moving towards me. They all saw the dark figure and froze where they stood. I moved quickly back up the other side of the hill from where I came, and when I looked back the figure was gone. The five of us decided we’d had enough and exited the cemetery very quickly.
We have since noted that this cemetery is locked after dusk and have not gone back after dark.
Note: the cemetery now has gates and is locked at night, so I wouldn’t suggest an after-dusk visit.


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