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The Haunted Vaile Mansion in Independence, MO

The Vaile Mansion
1500 N Liberty, Independence, Missouri
Open to the public daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This incredible Second Empire Victorian style Vaile Mansion in Independence, Missouri was built in 1881 by Colonel Harvey Vaile, who ran the Star Route mail delivery company via overland stage and railroad to Santa Fe, New Mexico from Independence, and the Vaile Pure Water Company. 
Vaile was a successful abolitionist lawyer, cattle rancher, investor, and landowner. The mansion has 31 rooms, 9 Italian marble fireplaces, running water, and beautiful painted ceilings, and has been fully restored to its original splendor. Even if you’re not interested in ghost hunting, you'll love this historical landmark. 
The ghost stories about the Vaile evolved around different time periods and events. The first event was when Mr. Vaile was accused of mail fraud and sent to Washington for a trial. Even though he was acquitted, Mrs. Sylvia Vaile, despondent over the accusations, took an overdose of morphine and died in the home in 1894. Others believe that she may have died from ovarian cancer, but that was a taboo subject at the time and may have been the reason for the suicide tale. 
Reportedly, Mr. Vaile could not part with his dead wife so he had her buried in the front yard with a glass cover over the coffin so he could visit her. Protests from neighbors later resulted in the removal of the coffin to another location nearby.
Colonel Vaile died five years later. He never remarried. Sylvia Vaile has been spotted looking out of the upper floor windows by passersby and inside the house throughout. 
The Vaile Pure Water Co. was operated from the site until just after the turn of the century. The mansion was turned into an Inn after Mr. Vaile’s death in 1894. Later, the home was used as an asylum and sanitarium, and the heavy metal cages were people were kept are still in the basement. The staff does not like to visit the basement because strange noises and an ominous feeling occur there. The Vaile Mansion also served as a rest home, so one could assume that other people died here.

The mansion was purchased by Roger and Mary DeWitt in the 1960’s, and after the death of Mrs. DeWitt in 1983 it was donated to the citizens of Independence.

Spirits and ghostly activity have occurred over the years in several rooms in the house, on the grounds, and in the neighborhood. Some passersby walk on the opposite side of the street in order to avoid an encounter with a ghost.

The third floor is now off limits to the public (perhaps due to pesky spirits) but during my visit on this floor some years ago I sensed the presence of at least two spirits. One, a male spirit, was sitting by the back window, but as I stepped into the room, he slowly faded away. A second dark outline of a person stood in a corner for several minutes.

The staff also reports seeing imprints of someone sitting on the freshly made beds in one second floor bedroom when no one has been in the room.
I recommend taking a tour of the Vaile Mansion to see this beautiful home, and perhaps while you’re there you’ll glimpse a resident ghost.
The Vaile Mansion is the subject for the cover photo on my book Haunted Independence.  The book is available at

Haunted Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence, MO

Mound Grove Cemetery
1818 N River Blvd. Independence, MO 64050

Some people would say we are nuts for visiting graveyards on Halloween night and they may be right, but what better time to see ghosts that might be lingering?  The reason we investigated this location was because of an incident that R.T. had several years earlier.  She was 16 years old and had just had a fight with her boyfriend.  R.T. decided to drive to the Mill Creek Cemetery to be alone and think. So for whatever reason, R.T. got out of her car and walked through the cemetery at—yes– midnight on Halloween.

     R.T. found a nice spot next to a tree and sat down.  She was approximately 200 yards from the
front gate. No one else was around (who would be?) and it was a very quiet, moonlit night.  R. closed her eyes and meditated for a few minutes.  The thought occurred to her that up to this point she had never actually seen a ghost, although people around her could and she felt somewhat jealous of them.  She thought “What better time and place to see a ghost?” and said out loud “If there is such thing as ghosts, show yourself to me right now!”
     Right on cue, a white apparition appeared over the hill.  R. couldn’t believe it, but she stood up and stared at it to be sure.  It moved towards her.  Now she could see that this was the apparition of a woman wearing a long white nightgown. She had no feet and glided through the air.  Panicked,  R. started walking toward the car.  The ghost followed.  R. then started running, and glancing back she saw that the spirit moved faster towards her.  Finally reaching the car, R. looked back and the ghost slowly faded away at the gate of the cemetery.  It seems she could not go past the gate. 
Our investigation: Our team of five including me, Rachel, Mia, Jamyi, and Donna decided to see if we could get the lady ghost to appear again so we could get her on film. We arrived at the cemetery at 11 p.m., once again on Halloween night, and walked in through the front gate. We agreed to stay together at all times for safety. I started by the entrance and filmed graves in the immediate area with my infra-red camera. Mia took the digital camera and took several shots because sometimes we are able to get imaged of orbs or spirits on film that are not visible to the naked eye. This evening we saw a fog and blue lights appear over some of the graves, but the fog and lights are not visible on the film. No apparitions made their appearance at that time.
We moved further into the park, and as we did so it got darker since we no longer had the streetlights illuminating the area. The moon was out so that helped a bit. As our eyes became accustomed to the dark we could see better. After a while, Donna and I decided to stay behind while Mia, Rachel, and Jamyi walked further on. For some reason, we forgot all about our agreement to stay together. Big mistake.
I looked around at some of the local gravestones and took notes. Donna and I felt the presence of a couple of spirits but nothing materialized. I did some filming, and after what seemed like 45 minutes, I called out for our missing team members. They did not answer. I walked a little way down the road where it was very dark and called again. I heard Mia’s voice answer me and saw what I thought was her dark, shadowy figure walking towards me on the small paved road.
After a minute, the three women appeared at the top of the hill. I then realized that the black shadow walking towards me and the person who answered me was NOT Mia.
I walked backwards away from the entity, and told the three women to look at the bottom of the hill where they all saw the dark apparition of a man moving towards me. They all saw the dark figure and froze where they stood. I moved quickly back up the other side of the hill from where I came, and when I looked back the figure was gone. The five of us decided we’d had enough and exited the cemetery very quickly.
We have since noted that this cemetery is locked after dusk and have not gone back after dark.
Note: the cemetery now has gates and is locked at night, so I wouldn’t suggest an after-dusk visit.


Is a Global Catastrophe Headed Our Way?

On April 21, 2011, after experiencing 11 days of strange occurrences, my daughter and I did a trance session together in order to determine what was going on.

My oldest daughter, who is a clairvoyant like me, saw what she believes may be another life form taking me out to my car in the middle of the night. The object looked like a large 10” wide floating eye, but it was entirely purple with some vague shape around it.

I had at least three abduction experiences in April.  Up to this point, I had had only two such experiences which I consciously remembered without being regressed. Those occurred in 2010. 
The strange happenings involved unexplained lights on my ceiling, strange numbers on my clock, unexplained loud noises in my house, unlocked doors, and finding myself outside in my SUV at 3:00 AM one morning with no memory of getting there.    
In order to do psychic work, I normally put myself in to a light trance state, similar to deep mediation. It was at this level that I recalled what was shown to me by Extraterrestrials during a recent visitation.  What I saw was very unnerving. I was shown a vision of something that may occur soon, and I feel that the entire population should know about this potential event.

During this same session, while in trance state, I saw a thin, tall, gray/white alien being with four long fingers hold his hand out to me and take me from my bedroom through the ceiling. I was shown the Earth from a great distance, and from that vantage point saw an object hit the planet in what I believe to be Northeastern Siberia, or possibly Alaska. Fire, debris, and tidal waves then moved very quickly over 75% of the planet.

The next day, I received an e-mail from someone I don't know that said “click here.”  I normally ignore this type of message, but felt compelled to do so this time.

The link led to a You-Tube video about the planet Elenin, called a comet by some, but may really be a very large brown dwarf or planet. Some speculate that it is actually the planet Niburu or “Planet X” as discussed by Zecharia Sitchen in his book “The Twelfth Planet.” This object, called C/2010 X1 Elenin, was spotted by amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, which happens to be my birthday. I do not think that the e-mail I received or the date of the discovery was a coincidence.

My two daughters and I have been receiving visions of destructive events since the year 2000. Following are some of these visions:

-The number 11 and 11:11 started appearing everywhere to Me in the year 2000. I knew that
the number 11 was very significant, and there was going to be a devastating event happen around that number. My youngest daughter had a vision on September 9, 2001 of a plane crashing into a very tall building in New York City.  Standing inside the building, a person could see the Statue of Liberty. We all know what happened on 9/11, two days after the vision.

-On May 9, 2003 I had a vision dream in which 12 tornadoes, with one being very large, coming from the Southwest and hit the Kansas City area, causing much destruction. I told at least eight people about the vision the next morning, and warned them to be ready. Later that same day 12 tornadoes, including an F4, slammed the Kansas City area, causing devastating destruction.
-In June of 2005 I began seeing a very large Hurricane off the South East coast of the U.S., hitting Florida then gaining in intensity as it moved West. Katrina Hit land as a category 1 hurricane on August 23 in Southern Florida, and soon after increased to a category 3 hurricane before hitting New Orleans, Louisiana.

-On September 1, 2005, I had a vision of a large hurricane off the Gulf of Mexico which landed in the area of Texas and Louisiana. I knew that this was not the same hurricane as Katrina. On September 23, 2005 Category 3 Hurricane Rita hit land between Sabine Pass Texas, and Johnson's Bayou, Louisiana.
In 2009 I saw what I calls “Red” events, which can mean a volcano or earthquake, in Chile or Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Northern Russia, Alaska, Washington, and Southern California (all in the ring of fire). Three of these events have now occurred.

I n 2004, I contacted my deceased grandfather, Frank Lombardo, who told me that many weird and powerful weather patterns would emerge and continue to worsen over the next several years. He showed me tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, and said that many of these were not natural or normal. My grandfather said that some of them were man--made. One big event that has not yet occurred is a large wall of water hitting New York. There are other events, too, but too lengthy to list here. (See for more predictions)
Since 2007, I have had several visions of a large earthquake happening in the New Madrid Fault area, which causes buildings and bridges to collapse along the Mississippi river, and stops the flow of traffic, including trains and trucks, from East to West. This causes a major problem with availability of food and other supplies and severely affects the entire country.

 On December 9, 2010, while on vacation in Branson, Missouri, I felt and saw the ground move while driving around the town. This was not a trance-induced vision. I had another similar experience at my home in Kansas City on April 1. I feel and see that the electromagnetic field of the earth has changed, and believe this has something to do with the nearby fault.

When dead birds and fish started to be reported in early 2011, I saw a line connecting them to the fault line immediately and knew that it had something to do with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. I strongly feel that a large quake (10.0) at the New Madrid Fault will happen in 2011, probably in August or September.

My oldest daughter has had several dream visions of a second, very large moon right next to the earth since 2008, and my brother has had dream visions of a second earth or moon since 1985.
Some speculate that there is no real person by the name Leonid Elenin and that
Leonid refers to the Leonid meteor showers which occur in November. The comet will arrive near us in November in the constellation Leo. ELE refers to Extinction Level Event, and NIN, associated with the goddess Ninerta, who is associated with Great Flood and Noah. Leonid means “lion,” just as Leo does. El (part of the word Elenin) is the name of the senior god of the Sumerians, whom Zecharia Sitchen postulates came from the planet Niburu.

In the movie Deep Impact (1998), while Morgan Freeman depicted the president of the United States, and ELE (Extinction Level Event) happened due to a comet that amateur astronomer Leo Biederman found in the skies. Once again, the name Leo. I believe this is all just too coincidental, and that the name of the founder and the “comet” itself are symbolic.

The “comet” or more likely, brown dwarf or planet, is in our solar system now and heading our way. It is traveling on a very long elliptical orbit. Some say the orbit is 11,000 years, while others say it is on a 3,600 year cycle. Could this be Zecheria Sitchin's 12th Planet Niburu? Interestingly, when this planet aligned with the sun and Earth as it moved along its orbital path Planet Earth experienced severe earthquakes:

· February 27, 2010: Elenin – Sun, Earth aligned: First quake in Chili, which according to Michio Kaku, tilted the Earth's Axis by three inches (8.8)
· September 4, 2010: Elenin – Sun – Earth aligned: The first Christchurch quake (7.2)

· February 21, 2011: Elenin – Jupiter – Earth closely aligned: The second Christchurch, New Zealand quake (6.3)

· March 13, 2011: Elenin – Sun – Earth aligned: The first quake in Japan (9), with a shift of 10 inches of the Earth's axis

On the website William Frederick, M. Div. states“ Electrical effects between the huge comet (with Planet X as its nucleus) and Sun will increase severe weather, and very unstable weather patterns will result. Earth itself will develop extended electrical interactions with the Sun, and violent storms, with both excessive lightning, wind, and water (much of the water coming in from outer space) will last for days and even weeks at a time. These will occur in some cases months or even years before the passage.”

According to some, the planet was actually discovered in 1983 by an orbiting telescope. Gerry Neugebauer, chief IRAS Scientist, said that “All governments know about it. They have a plan, but they cannot save everyone.”

The planet Niburu is possibly where the Annunaki Giants lived. They may have visited Earth when the planet passed through our solar system in the past. Some scientists believe the planet may cause some of the planets to go retrograde, cause pole shifts, cause earthquakes, tsunamis, solar flares, and destructive weather. As C 2010 X1 travels through the asteroid belt, it is likely to knock some of the asteroids out of orbit and in the direction of Earth.
This has happened in the past. Over 500,000 craters have been discovered on the Eastern seaboard by recent advanced technology. 13,900 years ago a comet stuck the North American ice sheet, killing all living things, including the Native Americans who lived there at the time, and destroying all forests on the East Coast. The earth is not a stranger to asteroids.
The planet Niburu is fiery red in color with a debris-filled tail and as many as 10 moons. It may be the cause of the ancient destruction of the planet Maldek, which is now the asteroid belt, and may have caused the sinking of Atlantis and the Great Flood. It has also been called the winged or horned disk.
The SPT telescope at the south Pole is currently tracking the comet/planet. It first became visible to the naked eye on Nov 7, 2007 in the Southern hemisphere. By May of 2011, all people will be able to see C/2010 X1, which will look like a second sun the size of our moon. The comet/planet will move between Earth and the Sun sometime in October or November, 2011.
And that's not all. The comet Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova, better known as just “Honda” discovered by Minuru Honda on December 3, 1948, is also headed our way. This comet has made several close approaches to Earth in the past during its 5.252 year orbit. It is expected to be only .06 AU from Earth on August 15, 2011. One Astronomical Unit (AU) is the distance from the Earth to the Sun or approximately 93 million miles.
To see an animation of the solar system and the comet Honda's orbital path, visit Could this be the so called “BlueStar” or “Blue Kachina” prophesied by the Hopis?
Prophesies may speak of this event.
The Bible, Luke 21:25-27: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26. Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”
The Hopi Prophesy is very clear: “Then the Blue Star Kachina will appear in our heavens, which would mean that we are in the end times. In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of ht two brothers... They will return the Earth to its natural rotation, which is counter clockwise. Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier, the Red Kachina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever.” See the entire Hopi Prophesy at,scrubud,cin.
Edgar Cayce's Prophesy may be in reference to a coming event: “Watch New York, Connecticut and the like. Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the United States. Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of all these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia, these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico." 
Future alignments:
· 9/26/2011: Sun - Elenin – Earth alignment, Comet.392 AU to Earth 
· 10/16/2011: “Comet” closest to earth estimated at .24 AU or closer 
· 11/6/2011 Debris field interaction with Earth begins 
· 11/22/2011 (or 11/23): Sun – Earth – Moon – Elenin alignment, .586 AU from Earth, and interaction with the comet's tail 
· 12/21/2012: Sun – Earth – Comet alignment, 5.242 AU
Is that last date, the date of the end of the Mayan calendar, a coincidence, too?  Insiders at the Vatican, NASA, and SETI have reported that 2/3 of the population of the planet will be killed and 2/3 will pass away within 6 months due to starvation and disease. It is apparent that there has been preparation for a catastrophic event for several years by our government as evidenced by the huge underground facility at the Denver Airport, the FEMA camps set up across the United states, and the One Billion in food ordered by FEMA.
FEMA has set up the “National Level Exercise 2011” (NLE 2011) scheduled for May, 2011. This is a multiple-jurisdictional integrated response to a national catastrophic event. Participating states are Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, and Missouri. All of these states could be affected by a New Madrid earthquake. Visit the FEMA website at for more information. Is this yet another coincidence?
Many individuals are preparing for something by purchasing years of food supplies and purchasing living quarters in underground shelters, caves, and abandoned missile silos. Brian Watson (not his real name), a police volunteer in Lee's Summit, Missouri said “The elite have already made preparations in local caves in the Independence area with living space and at least five years of food, water and supplies ready for them in case of a disaster. Only the wealthy can afford one of the underground spaces and the public had not been informed about it.” Watson said that members of police and fire departments have been getting ready for something to happen soon, and many have moved their families out of the city.

What are they getting ready for?
There is no doubt that something is going on that a few people are in the know about, and the rest of us can only speculate on.
Does the recent increase in UFO sightings and close encounters have anything to do with this? 
In 30 years of doing UFO investigations I have had more close encounter reports in the past two years than ever before.  Many of the experiencers say they get messages from the ETs.  Some have told me of similar scenes shown to them, in fact, they are so similar that it is spooky.  One witness told me that the his “friends” will take him off the planet prior to the major catastrophies to come, so he will be safe.  Perhaps extraterrestrials really are here to help us and some of the inhabitants will be taken off the Earth and spared the disasters..

What are the possible scenarios to come?
· Changes in solar activity which cause a loss of the power grid and major power outages 
· Loss of computers, powered by electricity, which manage water, gas, and electric
· No access or limited access to food and supplies 
· No communications: cell phones, satellite, radio, T.V. 
· Lack of police and fire protection. 
· Danger if in close proximity to earthquakes
· Tidal waves, flooding 
· Severe climate change
I am not among the fear mongers and have never written anything about disasters before.  But I feel that the evidence is too strong to be ignored in this case.
What can we do to be prepared?  We can store water, wood (for heat), purchase wood-burning stoves, buy heirloom seeds and non-perishable foods, learn how to be self-sufficient, and get an underground shelter ready.  This is a good idea anyway, comet or no.    
We can also focus our thoughts on a positive outcome, which is probably more powerful than anything else we can do. (See The Power of Thought in the next issue)
- Jet Propulsion Laboratory:
-Nibiru and Comet Elenin on You Tube. See the view of the planet in our solar system along with the Sun, Mercury and Earth as photographed by satellite Stereo B.
-NASA website (see the C/2010 X1 orbit)

Remote Viewing Results on the San Augustin Artifacts

After spending the day interviewing Art Campbell during his visit to Kansas City in September of 2009, Art mentioned that he had some artifacts with him from the San Augustin crash site, and asked if I’d like to remote view the objects to see what I could find out about them.  I had no knowledge of these artifacts and was very curious about them. 

   Art handed me each object, which was sealed in a Plexiglas container, one at a time.  The first item was a tan color object that looked like it had once been larger and had collapsed.  The instant Art handed it to me I felt myself as a short alien being with a heart in my abdomen, rather than in my chest.  I “saw” a thin copper wire attached to the heart and to a metallic button on the outside of a blue uniform. Art and others believe that this object was a heart.

  The second object was what I thought was part of the flat button that used to be part of the uniform.

   The third object was a tiny shoe sole, but at the time I did not get any information about it. With remote viewing, sometimes the information comes later, which is what happened in this case. 

     A couple of months ago, I was thinking about this case and had a dream about a little girl in Los Angeles who was carrying a doll, and was taken by aliens in a UFO. 

     This girl and her doll were on the craft when it crashed at San Augustin.  I experienced the crash, and heard two alien beings yelling about crashing.  It was unavoidable. Something happened suddenly that caused the crash and they could not maneuver out of it before hitting the ground.  There was some reference to “earth beings” causing the crash with a new device.

     The human child was on the UFO when it crashed.  I saw one alien—the pilot—crushed during the accident.  The shoe sole is a mystery, though.  It has a natural rubber sole with nine layers of cotton and other unknown substances.  It is not leather and it is shaped strangely for a human foot. Art does not believe it belongs to a child’s or doll’s shoe.  I am of the opinion that the sole is either from an alien shoe or the doll’s shoe.

     Imagine my surprise when Art contacted me recently and said that he found some old unprinted color negatives of some starch residue inside the possible body part.  He had prints made and saw a blue fiber in one of the photos!       

    What does this tell us about remote viewing? Quite simply, that sometimes remote viewers can help UFO investigators find answers to their questions.  RV work is not always 100% accurate, but it can be another tool to use to solve mysteries.

     I use this technique when doing my own UFO and paranormal Investigations, and sometimes relive an experience that someone else had. By doing so I know what others have gone through.

UFO Sightings Increase

There has been a steady rise in the number of UFO sighting reports in the past few months across the United States.  MUFON received 1,013 sighting reports during the month of August, which was more than double the 492 reports in July.  The National UFO Reporting Center posts numbers of 663 in July and 334 in August. 

My office has been receiving four times the normal rate of UFO reports for Missouri and part of Kansas since mid-April.  Some of the reports were identified objects including Sky Lanterns and a professional night skydiving team.  However, most of the reports cannot be explained and do not look or behave like private or commercial planes, military jets, blimps, balloons, or helicopters. 

One case involves a group of six people visiting Kansas City.  The travelers were leaving the Liberty Memorial when they noticed an odd glowing sphere being chased by a helicopter.  The golden ball of light made many twists and turns, while the helicopter maneuvered itself to follow it. 

Another case involved an insurance executive and three other unrelated persons who stopped at the side of I-435 Highway in Kansas City, Missouri to view a group of orange globes.  The globes appeared to shoot out of something unseen at tree level at approximately 70 miles per hour, then move into a cloud at the same location.  One witness provided photographs.

Early the next morning and unrelated witness who was traveling with four other people saw a huge silver disc shaped UFO over Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  The craft moved slowly away from them and off into the distance.  The week before this incident Apache Helicopters, fully armed, appeared to be searching the area night and day for six days.  This was confirmed by several other witnesses. 

I’ve received multiple reports of orange orbs or globes, usually glowing and self-illuminated.  Most move along a straight-line path, or make intelligent maneuvers. This phenomena is occurring worldwide and is a concern to many investigators.  Some of the theories about what these odd objects are include probes form larger ships and unidentified life forms.  A recent effort among investigators may get to the bottom of the phenomena.

Of larger concern is the increase in abduction reports by witnesses who have been long-time UFO experiencers and first-time experiencers alike.  Normally, I receive only 1 report of this nature in a three-month period with little evidence.  However, since April of this year, I’ve received 11 reports of possible abductions.  Some of these incidents involve evidence such as nightgowns found inside out upon waking, large wounds on the body, scratch marks, missing items from the home, missing time, and persons finding themselves outside in the middle of the night with no explanation. 

UFO sightings aren’t the only thing that has increased as of late.  Paranormal activity is also on the rise, according to several Paranormal researchers.  Witnesses report new paranormal phenomena in their homes and businesses, whether they have had past experiences or not.

Among the theories for the seemingly stepped up activity on both fronts is our physical location in the Universe.  We are moving towards a new position in the Universe, culminating with an alignment with the center of the galaxy on December 21, 2012.  Some believe that this coincides with an increased level of consciousness, which opens the mind and allows people to see more of the world around them.  If this theory is correct,  we should continue to see a rise in Paranormal events, including UFO sighting reports and close encounters in the coming year worldwide.                          END